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  1. Hi Everyone! I am missing one male plug in socket for my headlight. It is three contact, and the outside measurement is .826 +- and the bakelite insert is .750 +- I need one, but would buy two so they match. This is an unrestored original car, I want to maintain it the best I can in its" untouched form. Thanks! Bill
  2. Hi Everyone I should have mentioned that the tool isn't for use, it is for display with the Dodge Brothers tool set. It is the only thing I am missing. Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone! I am looking for the small valve lapping/grinding tool that goes into/fits a bit brace. Please see attached picture. Thanks !
  4. Has anyone used The Flying Dutchman in Oregon for water pump rebuild? Were you happy with the results? ( 1931 Standard 8 ) I talked to the fellow in New York but I didn't get a warm fuzzy feeling as they seem to be more a commercial/marine rebuilders. Comments please. Thank You Bill
  5. I wanted to send my pump to the flying Dutchman, has anyone had experience with him, and can I expect good results? thanks Bill
  6. Hi Yes I did, heated with torch and then white candle wax at the seam. a large pair of locking vice grips on the small side of the cap, and then struck with a rubber mallet. it finally moved and got it off with no destruction to the threads in the cap or the drum. the few marks in the cap will file out and the cap is now very restorable. thank you everyone Bill
  7. It had become quite a challenge, but we succeeded. Thank you! Bill
  8. 1931 PACKARD DISK WHEEL HUBCAP REMOVAL HI EVERYONE! Finally got the hub cap off without destroying it !!! What I ended up doing was heating it with a propane torch, and then rubbing a white candle around the seam. I did this twice. I then used a pair of vice grip pliers #12 LC around the small diameter and locking them in place. I struck this with a rubber mallet, and low and behold the cap turned. it was snug the whole way, but was able to get it off with no damage to the threads in the cap, nor the drum. Thank you everyone for your suggestions, it h
  9. Packard Disk Wheel Hubcaps Thank you everyone for all your suggestions, I hope to be able to get to that this weekend, I have been spending the week sandblasting wheels getting them ready for powder coating. I will post my results as soon as I get a solution. Bill
  10. Hi Everyone I need a pair of the interior cloth covered sun visors for the 1931 Standard eight. Other years may be the same. Thank you! Bill
  11. Hi everyone! I need a dome light for a 1931 Standard eight, it is the one with the triangular amber inserts at the corners. Many thanks Bill
  12. Hi Everyone I am a new Packard owner , a new addition to my Dodge Brothers Cars! Have a problem, how does one remove the driver's side rear hub cap? I have soaked, heated, strap wrench, the old iodine trick, and it will not budge! It is a mint cap, and I really don't want to destroy it getting it off, could it be left hand threads on that side of the car? Any suggestions would help. I have a hubcap wrench but it is the wrong one, it is for the 29/30 caps with the smaller and deeper hex. Any Suggestions would be appreciated. Bill
  13. I have a 1931 Standard eight. Everything I have tried I cannot budge the driver's side rear hubcap. Is there a possibility that it is left hand threads? I have used a heavy duty strap wrench, soaked the opening with a release all product, used the heat gun three times, even tried the old iodine trick, nothing works. It is a mint hupcap and I really don't want to destroy it if I don't have to. All the other three cap off no problem. Any suggestions? Many thanks Bill
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