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  1. Well 25.00 dollars isn't at all what I had in mind. The thing is, is that everyone I've seen were in absolute terriable condition ether there broke in several different pieces or the pitting made them seem to be a waist.
  2. Replied befor here's a picSome pitting but nice make offer
  3. I got one for you contact for mor info or photos
  4. I have several parts to a 1953 buick roadmaster many will also fit a buick skylark, I have two hoods, two trunk, two pairs of fenders, doors, bumpers, entire dash board including instrument clusters. Hood ornaments are sold seperately from hoods, multiple trim pieces, all are used not NOS but in very good shape slight surface rust no rot or pit on pieces. Also have many parts for a 1938 buick coupe special 40, contact me for more information on coupe
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