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  1. I checked the VIN # on the bell housing & the frame. They both match & come back as a 1934. The grill shell is a little tweaked but the Pantene seems to match the rest of the truck. I am going to have to take a closer look at the grill.
  2. I bought the truck with just a bill of sale. The guy told me it was a 34. The grill is just sitting their. Their is no radiator. When the hood is closed, it does not seem to fit. The hood seems wider. Do you know how I can find out by the vin # ?
  3. Thanks Alfre. You helped out bunch. The truck has been sitting for about 45 years. Just have to get the flathead rebuilt, then see how it drives.
  4. I just bought a 1934 Ford BB Dump truck. Does anyone know what the lever on the gearshift that runs down into the trans is? The trans has a PTO that runs the dump.
  5. Just bought a 37 Plymouth Coupe on a impulse buy. Saved it from being chopped up. I need alot of stuff. What I need first is a hood, trunk lid and interior. All their is to the interior is the lower seat springs. Looks like it was on fire at one time. If anyone has some parts they want to sell or knows where I can get them, I would appreciate it.
  6. Thanks guys. I did not know that plywood went back that far.
  7. Thanks Roger. I just bought a 37 coupe with no hood. A have a guy that is selling a hood off a 36 4 door sedan. I would hate to buy it and have shipped out here and find out it does not fit.
  8. Does anyone know if a 1936 4 door sedan hood fits a 1937 coupe?
  9. Does anyone know what the front section of the floorboard to a 1936 truck was made of? Mine is made of plywood.
  10. O.K. I will get my butt out and get to work.
  11. Hi Countrytravler, fast update. Took the head off to free up the motor. Since it was off I took it down to have it resurfaced. I got it back but have not put it back on. With winter coming I decided to build a garage. Thankfully my brother in law let me park my truck in his garage until I get mine built. I am building it myself so its going to take me all winter. On the cold and rainy days I will be over at my brother in laws working on my truck. I hope by summer my garage will be built and my truck will be running.
  12. Thanks Jay. I will look into that.
  13. I traced it back to the dashboard lights. Kind of silly, it could drain my batt. if left on durning the day. I still want to restore it back to original so I will hook it up the way Dodge wanted it.
  14. Thanks guys. These are some good leads. In California the restrictions make it costly to get it done here. Best to send it out of state.
  15. Does anyone know a good company that I can send my chrome to get redone?
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