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  1. Yes it is manually and is locked and unlocked by the turn of the column. Neil
  2. Hi, The steering wheel can moved in and out several inches. Neil
  3. Yes I was , it was much higher then what I was getting when I tested for It. I am thinking of just biting the bullet and buying a new one Neil
  4. I have not worked on it lately. I don't know what to do next. Have tried everything. Neil
  5. The car is 6 volt Pos. The wire is not in any position to be pinched. Gage is hooked correctly. I rechecked the ohms. When the float is down it reads 12. When the float is raised the numbers decrease. I am not sure what the numbers should be, but they do not seem correct to me. I need to find what they should be. Thanks for all your help so far. Neil
  6. The tank has 10 gal. in it. When I can get the gauge to read outside the tank, it reads correct. Neil
  7. Auburnseeker, The float is brass and floats. No extra play in the arm. Neil
  8. Hi auburnseeker, Thanks for your response. When I test it outside the tank I hold it as it would be in the tank. I can ground it to the tank or the trunk floor and it will work. If I install it in the tank it does not work even if I ground it to the same two places. The unit worked ok in the old tank. I do not want take it apart if I don"t need to. Neil
  9. I have a 55 Thunderbird 6 volt. I replaced the fuel tank and now the fuel gauge does not register. I have done all the tests and from the results it shows the problem is the sending unit. If I take the unit out of the tank and ground it. it will work. If I put it back in the tank It will not work even if I ground with a wire.?????????Thanks in advance.
  10. I was there also great cje. Neil
  11. Hi Oldford, Try T-Bird Products in Exton Pa. Neil
  12. I am looking for a oil dipstick for a 1955 Ford 272 engine. Thanks in advance. Neil
  13. Well I checked the fuel pump and the carb and they are both working fine. I also checked the valve springs and they are ok. The vacuum advance and yes it is working. Help Thanks Neil
  14. Thanks Jon the fuel pressure will be the next thing I do, if I can find one to borrow. Neil
  15. Carbking Thanks for your response. All the new parts were not add to solve the problem. They were part of the restoration. The problem started after restoration. My next test was going to check the fuel pressure. The fuel tank is vented. Thanks Neil
  16. HI Alfre I have tried two coils Did not help. Thanks Neil
  17. I installed a half inch insulator under the carb but it did not help. I did a compression check and everything is ok there. Points and condenser are good. It has a new carb,fuel pump, fuel tank and lines. My parents bought this car new so I know the history of the car. Any help will sure be appreciated. Thanks Neil
  18. In the glove box of my 55 Thunderbird I found a parking ticket dated Aug.19. My birthday. Neil
  19. I will try that. I have tried just about everything else. Thanks Neil
  20. My 55 Ford 272 starts fine, it idles fine, and drives ok, but when the engine becomes hot it will hesitate and will not drive at a normal speed. Any ideas ? Thanks Neil
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