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  1. Just to make sure that a Swede got it right. I dont need to remove the inside? The mirror is stuck to the skin, idont have a remote mirror. The door handle is stuck to the skin also the keylock.( Idont know if the key lock is the right word but i am sure you know what i meen) I need to adjust (tilt it to the inside) the window when its not quit tightly. Best regards Janne Sweden
  2. Why do they do something like that?
  3. Hi there. Does a trunk from a 1971 Riviera fit on a 1972 Riviera? Best Regards Janne
  4. Hi Lasse. Hope that you son can take a ride with your car. Best regards Janne Sweden
  5. Not yet, but maybe 1965rivgs can help me
  6. Thanks for your answers,wery nice of you. 1965rivsgs might help me Best regards Janne from a cold and snowy Sweden.
  7. Hi Tom. You have Pm or mail (I hope) Janne
  8. Thank you Riv nut. I will check the archives Janne Sweden
  9. Is this the same car? Janne Sweden 1963 Buick Riviera - Lowrider Magazine
  10. I am looking for a radio to put in my 65 Riviera,Previous owner put in a new Cd player. So now i wounder is it only 63 to 65 Riviera radio who is correct for the car, or would some other Buick radio be correct? So If some one have one to sell that would fit in the Riviera,please let me now. I havent find any one in Sweden. Best regards Janne
  11. Hi There. My name is Jan-Anders Lindholm,but most of the people call me Janne and i live in Sweden. So far a have hade 3 Buick an 2 Pontiac. The car i have now is a 65 Buick Riviera that i found in New Jersey on Ebay. It has gone just about 19300 miles. (Sorry mixed upp miles and kilometers before) Just about 3200 km. The Buick has been 66 Skylark GS sold new in Sweden 63 Riviera came from Utah Idaho. The Pontiac i dont think you want to no about. Best regards from Sweden. The photos are from Ebay add. [ATTACH=CONFIG]179050[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]179051[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]179052[/ATTACH]
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