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  1. Thanks for all your help. I should have it back on the road soon. Dan
  2. I think the reason the pumps are failing is because they are sold by either Ebay or Mopar and they have been sitting or stored on a shelf somewhere till they are sold (probably 1937 era). New fuel pumps through NAPA are either 12 volt or mechanical pump that would not fit the flat head engine (so NAPA says). The Internet would put me right back where I started with maybe buying an old pump that has been sitting on the shelf somewhere. I am thinking that maybe I should buy a fuel pump overhaul kit with a NEW non-dried out rubber diaphragm and rebuild it myself. I am wondering if any of you h
  3. This is the 3rd fuel pump I have gone through. Any thoughts on where I could pick up a good reliable one? My car still has 6 volt system.
  4. Left front door window trim in rough condition. Make offer
  5. Two 1937 Plymouth heaters. $50 each.
  6. The only fuel additive I use is lead additive.
  7. Are you talking about the valve on top of the engine that would be directed to the heater in the winter when you say "Heat Riser?"
  8. Broker-len, I went to the Plymouth club and while I was there someone mentioned that my car had a P-15 engine it since the number started with P-15. I have been in the past been running with the vacuum line off the metal vacuum tube that goes from left to the bottom of the carburetor. So I guess your right about running with a vacuum leak. Just recently I placed a tube with a screw in the end over that carb line because if I have the regular line attached all I hear is air rushing through the system. The wipers don't work but have been replaced with all new rubber.
  9. Have not installed or tested this radio. $175
  10. Thanks for the info. The flex line from the tank to the pump was made by a professional tube maker out of flexible tube. I will look into rebuilding the carb since I did find some stuff in the bottom of the float bowl. Have either of you had problems with Bendix brakes tightening while driving to almost locking up?
  11. After driving my 37 Plymouth, the engine starts running real rough and will quit if I don't nurse it home with the manual choke. Believe it or not, the engine runs better for a few seconds with FULL choke applied. Does anyone have any help they can offer?
  12. [h=2]Packard 1948 Data Book Showroom Album $45[/h]Packard 1948 "Facts" Data Book. 7 x 9 1/2 inches. Binder has very minor wear. Very worn inside - rippled and stained throughout due to water damage with some minor mold spotting.
  13. [h=2]Model T Ford original script and "H" headlight lense $30[/h]
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