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  1. Advance the timing a tad, if the knock goes away let us know.
  2. I bought 3 computers, no returns accepted, advertised as xp. came with linux, were delivered form a vendor, not the person that sold them, it took alot of time and trouble to correct the situation, that is my experience. So my basic philosophy now is no returns no sale.
  3. The other change I have seen is returns not accepted, that means in my book it is a middleman sale, I have bought 1 or 2 peices that way, but do not like to do so.
  4. Thanks so much, we have a wall of collectibles, mostly rusty stuff. I was imagining some cool convertible or something, it is pretty, and aftermarket diminishes it's importance to the car world, for a buck I will enjoy looking at it.
  5. A couple little galleries here Packard 100th Anniversary | Hemmings Motor News Looks like a bunch here Packard Automobile Classics, Inc. - The Packard Club Scroll down to 1999 centennial, then scroll down to 1999 centennial, than scroll down to The displays, than click on group to see pics of that group, looks like many but not all pics were shot there.
  6. Actually I have heard dryer sheets liberally placed help with mice. Maybe go for a combo platter. Either way will smell better than mothballs. No alternative better than peanut butter on a mouse trap, except a cat, or sealin things up so a mouse cannot get in. Steel wool works well.
  7. If I had a go to place to start I would first ask is it all windows or just the driver window? look at the wires that go from the body to the door for a possible short. Check and clean all connections, My guess is a short is causing low amps and failure on both circuits. Pulling to the right is not related.
  8. I really hope it works for you, the denatured alcohol also helped to revitalize dried out rubber, good luck and of course try it on a small non noticeable test area first.
  9. I picked up some of this stuff as a what if, to rebuild props or whatever, anyone ever use this or the dremmel they got for xmas 10 years ago? Aluminum repair kits, repair any aluminum metal by welding with a Propane Torch - Alumiweld
  10. I have heard the mothballs only work if you can actually hit the moth with it. I understand your concern for the wool seats. It is a noxious bad smell, Alternatives Moth Ball Alternative
  11. Hit me on the head if I am wrong, But hillbilly I am would consider jbweld, not the fast curing stuff. I think the biggest problem will be the missing 3/8" chunk at the top, try and get your money back and go for another, imhop If not that makes the bore and sleeve more viable, but boring cast is it possible?
  12. Probably things are more complicated, but can they give you the listed owner of the car and have the person or someone who would have inherited ownership apply for a lost title?
  13. I am in favor of the taxi company, based on the sign and the number on the back of the car below. and guys looking ready in front of their cars. There is a sign in the background, my best guess is mound hotel, St. Louis used to be nicknamed mound city, maybe it is from there.
  14. In the olden days we used denatured alcohol to clean the rubber rollers on printing presses...
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