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  1. Blue/Blue Black Top - 326/Auto Very Good Condition and ready for complete refurbishment or total renovation. This is the 1st effort to sell. Asking $ 15,000 - Currently in Wilmington North Carolina. History: Lived in Atlanta GA for many years. I searched for about a year for a very good condition GTO but found either too high priced for me or not in condition I was looking for. Decided to pursue the sister Tempest for same look but better price. Purchased the Pontiac from a man in South GA the day I looked at it in February 1999. The car was in excellent condition, well maintained and he used as a daily driver. Although it needed very little when he purchased it, he began overhauling it with original parts or period adds from Year One. He was the 3rd Owner and did not want to sell the car but had money & health issues and basically needed the money. It was my first antique car and I thoroughly enjoyed driving it all over the Atlanta area most every weekend in good weather. It was garage kept and my intention was to continue the minor enhancements as the former owner. Divorced in 2000, I kept the car and continued for another 2 years joy riding. It has basically been in storage for 10 years. The car was in excellent running condition when it was parked 3 years ago. Over the past 3 years it has been only under a carport (instead of garage) and I have basically not touched it since. My life goals have changed and although I hate to sell and have held off for 3 years it is time to go. A couple of changes the previous owner did that were not original moves but I like makes this particular 65 rather unique. Photo attached is around 2001. Looks the same now but with 3 years dust,dirt,etc accumulated<VAR id=yiv449761034yui-ie-cursor></VAR>. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY CONTACT jbanks2020@yahoo.com