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  1. I have 8 cars in storage classic and antique. my farther died unexpectedly almost two years ago, and has several cars and live in Northeast. I worked with him for years but have a lot to learn. one 1969 car stored in unheated building with wooden floor. He ran this car out of gas before storing it, battery disconnected. covered two 63 and 65 in buildings that have a dirt floor with landscaping cloth and fabric of some kind, some wood also gas stabilizer and batteries disconnected three cars 1948, 1962 and 1966 in garage on concrete floor battery disconnected, gas stabilizer these are my concern with the concrete floor. the other three I am all set one 1965 is driven each summer by my mother, one 1937 has gone by point of coming out (stored for 15 years) in the very back of the garage, and the other one 1933 has been out and stored in a wooden floor garage that is used daily. all have car covers designed for that car, all have optima batteries how often should i take these out for lubrication and drying them out. My farther took two cars out a year should i change the oil in them. I plan to take the 48 and 66 out now for a day of charging, wax, and short drive. then restore with gas stabilizer in full tanks. suggestins would be helpful. I had a friend of my farther suggesting they all come out washed and waxed before restoring them. I am thinking of going to the cycle. they other part of the stroy my mother can not make a decision on the cars.