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  1. I sent a pm. i have them and they are 3" cc.
  2. yes, i still have them. Let me get a measurement for you this week. That has been sold already with the front assembly. Sorry.
  3. I just sold front springs this last week. I have the shocks left is all.
  4. On wheel left at $70. All parts from previous post are still available
  5. Brake drums sold. Spare tire holder and one wheel sold. Still have all 4 shocks. $200 for all 4. Front axle minus brakes $75 Rear axle minus brakes $50 Leaf springs. $40 each pair 3 wheels at $75 each brake hardware. nice shoes and backing plates and bearings. all 4 @ 50
  6. Bumpers are sold. I will part out the rest of what I have. Any interest in these parts? Shocks..all 4 for 250 Spare tire rack..75 Complete front axle setup with springs..150 complete rear axle setup with springs..120 Wheels...all 4 for 300 willing to drive part way if interested. located in central illinois.
  7. I have a various assortment of parts from a 32 plymouth pb coupe for sale I have a complete front and rear axle setup with brakes that both roll freely. 4 wire wheels , a dashboard and insert piece, front and rear shocks, both bumpers, and a rear tire holder. I would like to sell this as one complete unit. If I don't sell in a reasonable time, I will part it out and repost. I am willing to travel part or all the way for delivery depending on where the buyer is located for travel cost. Please email at if interested. Thanks. Parts are located in central illinois.
  8. I am interested in your complete dash assembly with wheel from the red dash. email me at
  9. I have a pair of trippe safety lights for sale. They measure about 8 1/4" across. So I am guessing they are the "junior" set? The housing near the front lip have some stress cracks. Have the housing restored or use for parts. I am asking $150. Shipping extra. P.M. if interested or email at Thanks.
  10. Any idea of the value? I'm sure the sealed beams hurt it a bit.
  11. You won't be disappointed in Gilmore museum. Top notch I think. They just keep adding more exhibits also. I plan to check out the Auburn museum soon. Good luck in your adventure. Sounds fun!!
  12. Thanks keiser31. You are fast. Looks like a match to me.