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  1. My 20 year old son came home from college last weekend. I'm out of town. Tired of my inaction with the car he stayed up late Friday night bleeding the brakes and rigging up a gas tank under the hood. He had his 22 year old sister helped take the hood off. He got it to drive around the block Saturday afternoon.
  2. It's backwards pressure when I get the tank to flex. I am blowing air from the metal line under the hood to the tank. By putting my hand over the gas filler neck I can hear the tank flex with pressure. Now, I wonder if the gas pickup line in the tank has coroded off leaving the line to the tank intact but not reaching down far enough to suck up the gas in the tank.
  3. These cars have been sitting for decades in a metal pole barn. I have fuel filters before and after the pump. They are both '63s but the fuel pump looks different on the two cars. I suspect the white one has a '62 engine. I just don't know enough about Oldsmobiles. Still if the sock has crapped up or even been sucked into the gas line why would the air pressure pushing backwards work so well as to flex the metal tank when I have my hand over the filler neck and and an assistant push air backwards through the gas lines from under the hood? I know I know I'll drop the tank it's just hard to get the car high enough to drop a vertical tank.
  4. WOW you are in Colorado Springs? Me too. I am off Baptist Road by the USAFA. I would love to see your cars and have you look at mine. Let me know what I've got.
  5. Okay, if it goes out to the filler neck I may be blocking that off too. I had m son with the air chuck blowing backwards thru the line. I could hear air coming out of the gas tank neck. Whe I put my hand over the neck opening that's when the tank went thunk thunk. Flexing under pressure. I guess I was blocking both the air from the pickup AND from the vent.
  6. Good possibility. I thought those socks would have dissolved by now. It had a couple of glass gas filters on it. I cleaned them. I would guess anything is possible. There could be a dead squirrel in the tank for all I know. I was surprised the tank was vertical instead of flat. Oh to have a lift.
  7. First of all I know I should drop the tank. It's those two 1963 Oldsmobiles coupes I bought. One is a Dynamic 88 One is a Super 88. Both with Rocket 394's. I have the blue one running with a gallon gas tank under the hood. New fuel pump rebuild it sounds great. Connected to the gas line no luck. I took and air hose and blew it backwards through the gas line. Good pressure build up, I could hear the tank flexing. If the two are connectd why isn't it getting gas? The white one I just rebuilt the carb yesterday, going back on tomorrow.
  8. I bought a 1963 Super 88 with 77K on it and a 1963 Dynamic 88 with 122K. Both stored indoors for 11 years. Being delivered next week. Both have the 394 and the little rocket symbol on the trunk. Still learning about them. Both have PB, PS. The Super is off white and the Dnamic is light blue with a white top. I have an option on three other 1962's if I want them. They were outside though. Steve Oh, they are all two doors and both say Holiday. Don't know what that means.