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  1. I'm in the Chicago area.. but will take a good DRIVer quality from anywhere. Thank yo
  2. what if any cars are a crossover for this? does anyone makethese? t thank you
  3. is there a kit or information on rebuilding the power steering oil reservoir ?
  4. the radiator on my 55 Buick Special is about done. This is not a restoration ca car . More of a mild custom. Where can I find a new radiator ? it does not have to be stock.
  5. Just showing off. I am adding power steering to my 55 Special with factory air. I rebuilt the gear and pump by using Mudbone's videos and Old Tank's website. Pics: Could you please post a link to the afore mentioned wedsite and video? Thank you
  6. Im looking for a 61 olds 88 hood
  7. i just bought a 1961dynamic 88. with an entire 62 interior...seats and dash. still has the 61 steering wheel
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