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  1. I have a 1962 Buick Skylark convertible that I am selling. It has small amounts of rust in the rocker panels and the floor, I have a set of rust free rockers and sheet metal that can go with the car. The engine is in pieces in a box. Parts of it have been cleaned and are in good condition. The car comes with tons of parts, I filled a 12ft uhual with boxes when I picked it up. Two good windshields, a brand new top, re chromed grill, and more than I can list. Basically if you need a part there are probably two or more that come with the car. It was my project, but I will be moving next year and
  2. Yep, I'm majoring in automotive restoration at McPherson College down in Kansas. Hopefully I'll be able to get it done in 3 years. My plan is to make it a nice stock driver,but I'm going to make some small modifications to make it better for road trips. Maybe install dynamat for sound insulation and hide a newer radio in a under dash tissue box if I can find one. I think I'm going to change the color to the darker factory blue with a factory white interior. I actually lived in Millard for about 6 years, but my family moved to Virginia about 2 years ago. My email is josh.lloyd42@yahoo.com Josh
  3. Nice skylark! I just picked one of these up, but mine is in need of a complete restoration. I'm really happy to see a club for them! Definitely going to join when I get back to college next week. Are there any good resources I can take advantage of? Thanks, Josh
  4. Hi I'm Josh, I'm the guy that just bought the skylark from Tom. Are you the guy from Nebraska that Tom bought the car from? Thanks, Josh
  5. do you have a curved back rectangle buick fender emblem? I need the convertible specific one Thanks, Josh
  6. Hey whats up, I'm Josh. I'm a student at McPherson College majoring in automotive restoration and I just recently purchased a 1962 skylark convertible. It is in need of a complete restoration and if anyone has information, hints, or restoration pics of a 62 skylark I could use the help. Thanks
  7. I'm not interested in buying your car, but I'm replying because I actually just bought one as a project. I've never really seen one restored that I could get reference pics off of. If you don't mind could you send me some pictures to help me restore mine? Also where did you get parts? Thanks
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