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  1. 1951 nash statesman 2 dr. solid body , needs floor work , engine runs good, stops good, needs restored or keep as a rat rod . its complete and driving , clear title $4500 obo . e mail for more pictures , also listed on ebay .
  2. annother odd purchase for me this week, 1939 nash coupe , but its missing some parts, im looking for the 2 lower grills and headlight glasses and trim for them , thats all i need to make it complete . anyone have any of those parts , and also need all the window weather strips , seals for all the glass being my glass is no longer good . thanks fellow nash people . i could use a better pair of taillight assys too im not sure if i should restore this one , or make it a vintage gasser, it has the overhead six with twin ignition , 12 spark plugs
  3. im thinkin about hot rodding my 51 nash , and have no idea what i should ask for the 1955 flat head engine with factory aluminum intake and dual carb setup . along with the 3 speed with od. runs perfect, i was told it was rebuilt long ago , but still looks fresh but needs cleaning . anyone know where i should start for an asking price ? eng ,trans , complete running perfect.
  4. starting in the rear there is a big hole under the spare tire , the rest of the trunk is solid. it will need partial inner rockers , and the floor has holes in the corners where you put your feet from where the windshield gaskets have craked and leaked . and some other where you put your feet in the rear . the exterior has no rust , no repairs and no bubbles. somewhere down the line the prev owner painted it light blue , even the enderside of the floor is blue . but im finding under the blue a coral color and on the roof gray . but all this was done prior to 1980 the last time the car was on the road untill last year . the unibody structure looks ok and strong . but with as many little pin holes in the floor you might as well replace both sides . i can add pictures if your interested .
  5. i found the pro date and my 50 has a date of 3-27-50 on the engine, the 51 nash with the aluminum head shows 2-14 55 , so i wonder now what this 55 nash enging came out of with this setup .
  6. Thanks for the heads up , i happen to have bathtubs , a 50 statesman 4 door flat 6 29k original mile car , now the 51 2 door , and a pair of studebaker hot rods, , im trying to post some pictures , but keeps having load problems. ill keep trying .
  7. i have a 51 nash statesman , flat 6 with an aluminum head with twin carbs and air filter setup. ive never seen one like this and i cant find any info on it or others to compare , im trying to put a value on the car, it needs floor work wut has a nice body with no rust . it runs great , drives good, it was rebuilt 30 some years ago and i rescued it . any info or ideas on what its worth or if this engine is original or an option ? thanks
  8. im looking for a nice 30 desoto radiator if you hear of one .
  9. i recently purchased a 51 nash 2 door , pretty solid body , engine runs great, needs floor work , but ive never seen a factory aluminum head and twin carb setup like this with factory air filter . i cant seam to find any pictures or info to compare what i have . also i dont know what the value of this car is . solid body , needs restored, needs many patches in he floor but the body is rust free , and it drives good . any help ?? post or e mail