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  1. Adam, It's great that you guys got together and that he had many of the parts you wanted. I am glad to have been of help. Joe
  2. Sunny, the car is not a CP, as a CP has an 8-cylinder engine. It is a model CI. If you follow your expressed plan to ruin a good car, please made the discarded parts available to other people who would restore their cars. Do let this list know when you do give up on that project, as so many do.
  3. Sonnybaba, Is this car a 6-cylinder of a straight 8? It appears to be a good one to start with. Congratulations on your good fortune.
  4. Some Florida vehicle registrations do exist on the internet, but for a much earlier period: 1905-1917. Information found there gives the date of registration, registration number, make of vehicle, body style, horsepower rating, engine number, owner's name and city where registered. The original listing can be seen, as taken from the registrar's ledger. Buick 35, this won't help you, but may aid some others with an early Florida license plate. The site is www.floridamemory.com. Then go to Collections, then Early Auto Registrations 1905-1917.
  5. Glad to do so, DB26. Somewhere, somebody might be able to use these.
  6. Putting in a Chevy V8, sorry to say. My only reason for placing these items for sale is that I hope they go to someone who can use them. BTW, the seller is open to offers, for anyone interested.
  7. For sale; 1925 Dodge Brothers drive train: engine, transmission, front axle, rear axle, tailpipe and muffler, and 5 wheels and tires. Not mine. Removed from running touring car (not by me). Seller said make offer. Located near Chattanooga, Tennessee. Send me a message and I will send you the seller's phone number in return. All parts from a previously restored car.
  8. Al, Just wondering, did you receive my reply?
  9. For Sale: two 1931 Cadillac Wire wheels and tires, no hub caps. Tires are 7.00 x 18. No other Cadillac parts. Not mine, Owner says make offer. Located near Chattanooga, Tennessee. Send me a message, I will send you the phone number of the seller.
  10. Thanks, kfle, so being so specific . I had purchased the photo a few years back and could never identify the make of the car. President Taft was a "portly" man, so maybe that account for both tires on the right side looking low on air pressure.
  11. I could see that the radiator emblem was quite distinctive but could not find an example anywhere. Thanks for showing that beautiful Cole emblem.
  12. Good and quick identification, keiser 31. i might have recognized the make myself if it had the name COLE in large letters on the radiator. Now I don't need to wonder anymore, so thanks!
  13. Can anyone identify the make and model of this car?
  14. Roger, I assume you bought the Green Victoria, a nice car. The owners manual is most needed. It contains a lot of information with illustrations. I have a CP-8 sedan myself, and am in touch with quite a few owners of these cars. If interested in learning more about these cars, send me a message and we'll chat about these cars. Joe in Tennessee
  15. A 1932 Chrysler CP8 sedan just made its way to Georgia. Since I have the exact same model and year, I'd like to make contact with the owner. We could share information. Any leads appreciated. Joe