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  1. Thanks, kfle, so being so specific . I had purchased the photo a few years back and could never identify the make of the car. President Taft was a "portly" man, so maybe that account for both tires on the right side looking low on air pressure.
  2. I could see that the radiator emblem was quite distinctive but could not find an example anywhere. Thanks for showing that beautiful Cole emblem.
  3. Good and quick identification, keiser 31. i might have recognized the make myself if it had the name COLE in large letters on the radiator. Now I don't need to wonder anymore, so thanks!
  4. Can anyone identify the make and model of this car?
  5. Roger, I assume you bought the Green Victoria, a nice car. The owners manual is most needed. It contains a lot of information with illustrations. I have a CP-8 sedan myself, and am in touch with quite a few owners of these cars. If interested in learning more about these cars, send me a message and we'll chat about these cars. Joe in Tennessee
  6. A 1932 Chrysler CP8 sedan just made its way to Georgia. Since I have the exact same model and year, I'd like to make contact with the owner. We could share information. Any leads appreciated. Joe
  7. Yep, just as I remember it, but in much better shape. Thanks for sending the photo.
  8. In 1958 or so there was a Brewster-bodied roadster near Memphis, TN. As best i recall, it was mounted on a Ford chassis and running gear. Has this car ever shown up in the collector circles? Sorry, no photo was taken at the time.
  9. For Sale 1925-1927 Chevrolet Carburetor and Intake RX-0 Carter Carburetor Missing needle assembly and strainer Fuel bowl cracked $25 plus shipping, USA only
  10. mid-20s? Dodge Brothers speedometer housing and cable $50 plus shipping
  11. If you currently own or have owned a 1932 Chrysler CP-8, please contact the registrar at the e-mail address below. An attempt is being made to locate existing CP-8s and their history. By providing this information you will receive a list of existing cars and have the opportunity to have contact with current owners. Information on these cars is difficult to find, and parts even more so. Please contact the registrar at the email address below. No fee is involved. Contact Bob at rschlesier@cox.net