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  1. Oh boy--a $45.000 kit car, maybe I can just scrach up the pieces whereever cheaper--ill check the speedway cataloge!
  2. Greetings Edinmass, Are you saying a classic prewar benz like these was painted with a modern two stage metalflake "plastic System" paintjob and got 100 points with a concourse judge?? That--I could not imagine IIkes! I just searched and saw a 540!! I didn't know benz made an art deco dream as streamlined as a bugatti atlantic!! This has to be the coolest fixed roof prewar benz ther is. I see prewar anything in color-not black and white, I was just wondering--when they digitally coler old photos, Is it subjective to the guy doing the job-- or can the scanner actually tell wha
  3. Hi . Well I dont own a mega million dollar prewar Benz. That 380 and the 500K that was at the Amelia island Concourse appear to be the same color, But one could not be certain til it pulls out of the shade and into direct sunlight --when some orange undertone happens, like in the u tube video of the 500k. Anyway Im really hoping someone can help with the name it was called then. I do drive a classic 25 yr old benz thats burgendy-- Burgendy has blue undertones going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated , Im doubting that the EXACT same shade lived on into the
  4. Greetings Everyone, New member here. Im a car nut searching for just the right vintage red and the mid 30's benz's have got it!. Like the 500k roadster from this yrs amelia island show and this little beauty. How do I get the name and code of it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Prescott.
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