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  1. anyone know where i can get a rear bumper for a 55 chevy cameo. Thanks, Glenn
  2. So really the difference between a 1955 cameo and other chevy trucks of that year is the cameo had a fiberglass truck bed
  3. Anyone know how to tell a cameo pickup from a regular chevy pickup? is it in the vin number? Any info would be helpful, Thanks Glenn
  4. Know of any good company that re-chromes metal trim pieces, name plates, door handles, etc. Thanks, Glenn
  5. I have a 65 Mustang in need of a new headliner, among other things. I've totally gutted the interior and was wondering if I should take out the windows to install the liner? If you've have installed a liner, would you have any tips. Thanks, Glenn
  6. This is great information, Thanks everyone. But it doesn't stop here, if you have tips, keep it coming
  7. Have you used powder coating?, I know of a company that sells D0-IT YOURSELF powder coating. I don't think I can say the name of the company though.
  8. What's the best spray paint in a can that you have use for small parts on your car. Like backing plates, shock mount plates, springs, etc. And is the epoxy the best choice. I'am cleaning up a lot of little parts with a sand blaster and want it to have a nice finish and be protected from the elements. Any info would be great. Thanks, Glenn
  9. That,s great information, Thank you. Now to track down the correct paint.
  10. I've painted my valve covers blue, there on an 289 2 barrel motor but the air filter is gold not black
  11. Does someone know the correct color Ford painted their engines that went into the mustangs. I thought it was blue but i heard that's wrong. The air filter is gold, is the whole engine that color? And did they paint exhaust manifolds? Thanks, Glenn
  12. Is the product por15 a rust converter or preventer?
  13. The discussion on undercoating is good, Their seems to be a underlining theme thou, ( getting the rust off ). I've used wire brushes in the past, with not much luck. Would a sandblaster or sander work better?
  14. Thanks for the info, I would have not ever thought about the distributor.
  15. Is the epoxy primer sprayed on or brushed on? Also is por15 a product i could use here
  16. Good ideas to think about. Thanks, Glenn
  17. My 65 mustang's trunk was painted the same color as the outside of the car. If I undercoat the trunk or use an epoxy type paint to stop surface rust will that effect the value of the vehicle. Any input would be great, Thanks, Glenn
  18. That's also my motto " you can't fix what ain't broke" The tranny was worked on and didn't see much mileage after that. It's still clean but the engine shows signs of an oil leak. Coming from the top of the motor, I may have fix that when I replaced the valve gaskets but I can't tell if it was that. I said may drive this summer but in reality i'm thinking next summer maybe take a trip on part of route 66. We live in indiana so the car will only be driven in the summer. The car come from california and has no rust that has eaten through the metal just surface rust. I will be having the radiator and gas tank repaired. Brakes don't look to bad just need new lines and that single master cylinder is scarey looking. Thanks for everyone input, I'll try to post photos.
  19. She has a 65 mustang, we've been married for almost 24 years and she has always wanted the car fixed up, it always been stored. Well this is the year and i hope to have it done by summer, at least to drive it. I've gutted the interior and found all the metal intact. What rust it does have is surface rust. I'll send some photos when i figure out how to do that. 4 main things i need to do. (1) New gas tank or have it professionally cleaned and rebuild carb. (2) rebuild/replace brakes. (3) New seat covers and carpet. (4) Repaint the car or just do touch-ups. She wants to keep it as original as possible. The question i have is, should i rebuild the motor and transmission?, it's been sitting for at least 10 years. Any thoughts. Thanks, Glenn
  20. Thanks for the reply, Do you know of a company that would re-chrome bumpers?
  21. Bumpers and taillights
  22. The car's chrome just doesn't shine anymore. What's a good cleaner for chrome or should I have to have them Re-chrome. Sorry if you talked about this on the forum before, I'm new. Thanks, Glenn
  23. Thank you for your knowledge, I still leaning toward a 3 speed manual transmission with 1st being down toward you, 2nd up and out and 3rd down and out. Is there a place on the trans or engine that may have engine numbers to to be certain?
  24. Does anyone know if dodge made a 3-speed manual transmission for a 1949 dodge coronet. I have the trim piece that says CORONET GYRO-MATIC but I thought the GYRO-MATICS shifted themselves, this car is manual. I'am I missing something or maybe the trim piece was added later? Glenn
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