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  1. Thanks for all of the replies and help. I was able to find both of the roller bearings at Motion Industries and everything else was sourced from Myers Early Dodge, thanks Tom and Cindy! Everything is back in now, but I am pulling the transmission back out to space the input shaft so the clutch will actually disengage. I tested this to make sure it is going to work by slipping a 1/4" shim I cut in half. Works excellent. Thanks again for everyone's help locating parts.
  2. Yep its top gear and I tore it the rest of the way down after some pictures and one of the counter shaft bearings is shot. There is a picture of what is left.
  3. I am interested. The other option is the car sits for who knows how long and it becomes another job instead of a hobby. Give me a call so we might be able to figure something out. Five four zero- two zero four- 0137
  4. Rebuilding my transmission and I am looking for either a whole transmission or gears. I have 1 gear that is worn pretty bad where it meshes Thanks Dean Fink
  5. I have pretty bad wear on what I am guessing to be second gear. I not only found the wear but I also found small pieces of the gear. The gear I am speaking of slips into the gear that spins the speedometer
  6. On my '25 the clutch and pressure plates come off with the transmission. You have to disassemble the throw out bearing "arm" to get the clutch and throw out bearing to pull free from the transmission. The throw out bearing comes off after you remove a lock ring. I forgot to mention the pressure plates are a diaphragm style. I am at the point now that I think I am going to need to used a press to safely take the pressure plates and friction plates apart. I will get some pictures of it this week when I get a chance to work on it again.
  7. I am in need of some help. After some strange noises when I release the clutch. All of the noises sounded like they were coming from the pressure plate/ throw out bearing area. I really didnt know what kind of shape the bearings and seals were in so I decided to pull the transmission and go through it. I did find some metal in the bottom after draining the oil out. To rebuild it and do it right I am going to need to buy 2nd gear and replace the bearings. If anyone tell me where I can find a new or used gear bearings etc.. Another question, how do you get the clutch apart? I have the throw out bearing off but after that I am leery due to the tension in the pressure plates. Thanks for any help Dean
  8. Need help. I have been going through the electrical and cooling systems trying to make the car more reliable. Moved to the generator and found a broken brush spring and a severely worn brush. Pulled everything apart and cleaned. I ordered a new set of brushes and springs. I now realize there are two different size brushes! I am so close to finishing this I can almost hear the car starting again! Question is, where does the thinner odd ball brush go at, the other two are the same part number and the third is much thinner and has a copper color to it covering about 3/4 of the length. Thanks in advance Dean Fink
  9. Thank you! My earliest car rebuild was a 63 Nova, parts are easy to find. Once I realized I could actually afford a car this old I sent out some offers and got lucky to find my DB. Finding parts to put it back to original may prove to easier than I thought. Thanks again.
  10. Did some horse trading about a week ago, custom bike for a 1925 Dodge Brothers Coach with a 4 cylinder. I can do just about anthing needed to keep the car running if I can find parts. I have been trying to find plugs, cap, rotor and plug wires. I will also need to rebuild the carb and fuel pump system to be able to really think of the car as being reliable. Any parts numbers or contact would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me if you know where i can find any of these. (fivefour oh)2 zero4 zero1three seven
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