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  1. Thanks for your input. The finger is not pressed in, its one piece. I like the idea with the tapered sleeve, but it might be difficult to round off the old finger. I ´ll see...
  2. Hello folks anyone knows how to repair the flat spot at the tapered finger of my early Ross Steering Box? Basically I would bore/cut out the old finger, and make a new one. But how to fix the new finger in the plate? Welding is not possible, because it needs to be hardened. I wonder if a thread would be strong enough? Every help is appreciated. Thanks Andreas Berlin/ Germany
  3. Thanks for all inputs. Meanwhile I received some offers and hopefully will get used wheels. Andreas
  4. Unfortunatly Dayton does not offer lock ring wheels. Thanks
  5. Hello fellows the rims and hubs of my 1931 Auburn 8-98 got badly damaged in a huge fire at a local paintshop yesterday, the rims are totally warped and are not repairable anymore. If anyobody knows where to find other rims, please let me know. Any offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks Andreas
  6. These are the original Auburn rims (snap ring type) with 48 spokes each wheel. Was Dayton the original supplier these days? PS: My Sporty is not 100% original:
  7. Hello I had bad luck, the workshop of my painter burned down, I had my rims and hubs there. The rims are totally warped, not repairable anymore. Now I need a complete set of 6 rims or wheels. Any offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks Andreas
  8. I am located in Germany. Didnt find any locksmith able to help. Do you know a address in USA?
  9. At my 1931 Auburn these shock caps can simply screwed off. Good luck, Curt. Regards Andreas
  10. Hello folks anybody knows where to find a replacement lock cylinder for my 1923 shift lock? The old damaged cylinder is marked with "Sargent", diameter 3/4" Thanks Andreas
  11. ...good idea, but its not hollow. Thanks...
  12. The ring is broken everywhere the small retaining screws go in it. So I will have to make new holes exactly at the repaired spots. I doubt this will last long. Anyway, I can try Muggyweld, if this doesnt work I will glue the ring back in place and watch out for another one. Thanks for all input Andreas
  13. Thanks, I know Randy (and the Leno-video of course) , I will shot him a mail. Most Duesenberg people are in the model J. The model A is pretty unknown and underrated (to me).
  14. David: As far as I know its not possible to make such dinky parts with sand mold casting. And high pressure die casting needs expensive molds. CNCing from aluminum would be an option - but lots of $ for a non original part? Difficult decision... Thanks for your input, Andreas
  15. Its a 23 Duesenberg A with OHC-engine. Yes, the valve adjustment is made by adjusting screws at the opposite end of the rocker arms. The camshaft is bored hollow and pretty light. Its no cast iron and shoud be a high grade material in these days. But nobody knows if it should or even could be hardened after regrinding. And I am not shure if I have to renew the rollers, because I am not going to run this car 50000 miles plus. Renewing the rollers means making everything new from the sketchboard. Lots of $.... Regards Andreas