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  1. Yes - figured that out. Got a picture of the tank. Need to drop and clean it out. Replace the hose and hope to be good. When she started I reved her up a tad and the white cap on the junction to the break booster popped about 10 feet in the air. That is supposed to be a vacuum right? Any thoughts on that?
  2. cracked hose next to tank. thanks
  3. Found a new fuel pump in the trunk - put it in and she fired right up. I ran gas from a gas can. Fuel hose all cracked. I pulled it out ready to be replaced. I am a little puzzled though. There is fuel in the tank shouldn't it be running out the fuel line? Is it just gravity feed?
  4. Well I am pretty sure I have some carb issues - once I get gas there I will start working on it. I will run a line to the fuel pump and see what happens. I am thinking with a fresh line from a gas can to the fuel pump I should see some gas coming out of the fuel line just before the carb. What kind of pressure should I be looking for?
  5. Got my spark, working on my gas now. Pretty exciting - she is trying to run on starter fluid. Not getting fuel to the carb. Trying to get to my fuel filter. Think it is sitting in that glass bulb next to the fuel pump. Got the retainer off but the glass is frozen in place. Any tricks on getting her out?
  6. What should my windings be measuring on the coil?
  7. I have continuity from the neg side of the coil to the distributor to the points to the block. Cleaned up the mount for the coil and will slap it all together and try again tomorrow. Testing for voltage right out of the coil, once I find it there I will move on down all the way to the plugs.
  8. Trying to resurrect this '63 that has been sitting for about 20 years. Just trying to do a quick check on the motor before I jump in with both feet. Don't have the key so I jumped battery to the positive side of the coil and am bumping the solenoid to turn the starter. That is all working but I am not getting any spark out of my coil. I am jumping this wrong? The distributor, cap, rotor and points look good although the cap and rotor are tad rusty. Any help out there stepping through my spark issu is appreciated.
  9. Another newbee question - what is this totally cool looking glass jar clamped by my radiator? Life support if I am stranded in the desert?
  10. Feel like a real fool. How do you get this oil plug out? Looks like a big torx bolt. Little help for a newbee. Thanks
  11. thanks - title is in my hand, car is about an hour away, just don't want to get tripped up.
  12. I mean, can I shift into neutral without a key?
  13. This might sound rather dumb but I need to go pick up this super 88 and the PO doesn't have the keys. Is there a steering wheel lock on this and can I put it in gear without the key? Also, if I have the vin can I get a set of keys made?
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