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  1. Any one know of a good source for rubber parts for a 62 300. Specifically looking for lock piller seals.
  2. I see how it would seem I answered my own question in my last post, so let me explain. I am in the process of installing new lines to the filter and to repaint the parts. I was noticing that some other cars of the same model had the filter located in different locations.I am trying to keep mine as close to original as I can. So in doing some research, I was curious as to why some cars are different and is mine in the correct location. Should the filter be painted cream and red? or does it depend on the filter model? Mine is a replaceable cartridge type. Thanks Joe
  3. Yes I have seen them there as well. Mine is located under the starter and it is not easy to get the filter out. So I thought it might not be correct. In the manual it is under the starter but like you I have seen it other places. Thanks, Joe
  4. I have a 1936 chrysler Airstream C-7. I was curious to know what the correct location of the Oil filter is. Is it under the starter? or on the firewall? or I have seen them above the starter. Pictures would be great. What is the correct paint color as well. Thanks, Joe
  5. Thank you ! and thanks again for all your advice. Joe
  6. If anyone is interested I did add some photos of my '36 to my album
  7. I have one on my profile page I will add more next week when I am in my office.
  8. It was quite an experience but like you said an excellent outcome
  9. Thank you all for your great advice. I finally have success! After making all my adjustments I still had no luck, so I figured it must be the Master cylinder, even though I re-built it. Sure enough one of the ports was blocked but not with debris it was never completely bored out from the original casting. so I drilled it out and that did it. I don't know how old this unit is but it looks pretty original. How it worked trough out the years I don't know.
  10. Sorry for the Delay in my reply. It is no insult to me. I appreciate the advice. How would you set the lower cams without a brake shoe setting tool? I have been told to set the cams with the arrows facing each other but these do not have an arrow.
  11. Thanks, I will try that. But I would think I would get some sort of pedal even spongy, but it goes right to the floor.
  12. I still need to do some adjustments in the rear but I have no pedal.
  13. Yes I did. And I started my bleed out from the furthest point in the rear
  14. Hi, I have just purchased a 1936 Chrysler Airstream and Have Started to go through it. I have been working on the brakes and can't get the air out of the lines. I replaced the front cylinders. rebuilt the rear cylinders, rebuilt the master cylinder and replaced all the hoses. I have bled it no less than six times with no success.Any advice would be great!