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  1. I have a set of 4 original cast aluminum rims off of the 1955 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Motorama concept car. These are one of a kind wheels and are super rare. I got these from a man who purchased them from a friend that said he got them at a junkyard in Detroit in 1962. These would make excellent collection pieces for GM or concept collectors. These could also probabaly be used still with some fabrication due to the unusual rear mount lugs. They have some scratches here and there but no cracks or bends. They could also use a good cleaning. I am currently taking offers on these wheels since it is hard to put a definite price on them but I am motivated to sell! Please email








  2. I am an avid hubcap collector and I need help identifying a hubcap. I have never seen one and there is not a lot that stumps me but I have no idea what this one is for. The build of the cap is a solid one piece brass cap nickel plated with soldered in emblem. The emblem shows the letter "M" with an "8" on the bottom with red cloisonné filling around the letter and number. The style of the cap leads me to believe it would be from a car in the 1929-1934 range and probably expensive. I do not know if it is foreign or American. it measures 7 7/8" in diameter. Marmon is the most commonly guessed brand but I have about 12 different Marmon caps in my collection and I have never seen one resemble this one. Any help would be great. Thanks!


  3. Thanks for Viewing! I have posted this before but I had some email issues so alot of responses were not replied to but i am posting my email and phone number this time so there wont be any issues. My appologies.

    Need a hubcap, center cap or wheel cover? Ive got it! Let me know what yoou need. Any make any model and year. Over 15,000 avaliable hubcaps and over 250 brands of vehicles from 1900 to present day domestic and imports. 175+ pre war brands wire wheels, wood wheels etc. new and used. I also carry center caps for aftermarket wheels from all eras as well as originals. So no matter if its a prewar antique, a hot rod, muscle car etc. or even your new car or truck, let me know and ill check if i have it. I also buy and trade hubcaps so if you have any to sell let me know and if you have any questions regarding hubcaps, i would be happy to answer. My email is and my phone number is (303) 718-0602. If I dont answer leave a message and ill get back with you. thanks!
















  4. Wow, you have quite a collection. I thought I had alot but nothing after looking at your photos. It's wonderful, you should be proud. Do you have any hubcaps for a Richelieu? It was a big luxury car built in Asbury Park N.J. between 1922 and 1923. Only about 50 were built. Also, do you have anything for the Daniels? This was another big luxury car built from the mid teens to the mid 20's. A Harding 12 hubcap? Any Duesenberg hubcap would be nice.


    I am very proud of my collection! I have been collecting hubcaps from swap meets, junkyards, antique stores, etc. since I was 15 years old. I am only 19 years old now so its been a busy 4 years! unfortunatly i dont have any of the brands you have listed. some of the really obscure brands that had very low production are alot harder to find. I have found a few rare brands over the years like Larrabee, Crow Elk-Hart, Pope, Crawford, Moyer, Warren, Dragon, Marion-Handley, Saf-T-Cab etc. but none that you have listed.