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  1. I am looking convertible top frame for my 1958 Buick Special 46C. Anyone, who knows where to find it, please give me a sign. Maybe You know someone, who preduces frame individually or someone who has one not in the better shape (restorable) or something. As i know, frame fits from 66C too. Maybe there is another option? Thanks
  2. Hello, everybody! My name is Romans and i am from Latvia, Europe. Some time ago i started interesting about American cars. 3 years ago i bought 1952 Ford F1, this is the only one in whole Latvia with 2.2 million people living in there. I need some work to do on my F1, winters is very long here so i will have plenty to do in my garage. Other car, my this year purchase, is 1958 Buick Special 46C Convertible. No surprises - this is the only 1958 Buick Special in Latvia. In Latvia we have no big comunity American cars fans, this is why everything about them is slow and only place to get an inf
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