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  1. true craftsmanship, I have enjoyed this thread immensely, thank you for sharing.
  2. morerevsm3


    do you know where this shot was taken? if it was in South Australia, I may very well have had my first accident in that car! my father bough a 1926 Buick hearse in about 1974, as soon as it arrived home, I went to drive it around the back yard where I usually drove the 1926 Buick buckboard (tourer cut down and converted to a pickup), and discovered the hard way the wheelbase was longer, and didn't have the same turning circle as the buckboard, and I ran a little wide on a turn, and just bumped another old car parked next to the track, I was only 10 years old so couldn't brake quite hard enough
  3. I thought it was a reference to a middle aged women without a bra....
  4. Hi all, live in Australia, have a 1927 27-25 tourer that I inherited when my father passed away, he bought it as a wreck in 1968 and restored it over the following 8 years, I learnt to drive in a 1926 Buick buckboard in 1969 (car cut down into a traytop) that he bought for spares and was driveable, at the ripe old age of 5, gas pedal had to be extended so I could reach, I can remember using the steering wheel to get enough force (with both feet) to push the clutch in, put it in 1st gear, give it some revs with the hand throttle, and let the clutch pretty much push me back on the seat. the buck
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