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    Long time car collector since youth. I like all years and models, not just one make. One of the greatest hobbies in the world is car collecting. You meet some of the nicest people in the world. AACA Historian. Was also past president of NJ AACA. My first word spoken was ESSO.

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  1. I do not have a spare engine George, sorry, just the engines that are in the cars and 20k is not going to touch these cars. I could not get them out of storage anyways.
  2. I have a Daniels too, a big luxury car from the 20s made in Reading PA which is almost a twin in many ways to the 3 Rs. Several Daniels are still floating around here and there. One was at Hershey a few years back.
  3. Wow! I'm impressed. How many could be left? I saw a restored Roamer, in a roadster body at the old Meadowbrook Hall show some time back. While most of us recall the 3 famous Ps....Packard, Peerless and Pierce-Arrow, many do not know about the 3 famous Rs....The Richelieu, Roamer and ReVere. They all used the same Rochester-Duesenberg powerplant. Believe it or not, I also have a Roamer, in fact, I also have a ReVere and a Richelieu, all still buried in 70+ year storage. My great uncle picked them all up during the WW2 scrap drives. The Richelieu is the only one left to exist and that is a fact. It was the only known Richelieu to exist as far back as the 1950s. Only 50 were built in Asbury Park N.J. between 1922 and 23.
  4. Are you serious when you just asked me why the paint fell off the car and it rusted so much? Then you said you had cars with no paint on them in your garage for "10 years" and never even flash rusted? My friend, maybe you should read what I wrote again.... This car was not sitting for only 10 years. It's been sitting in the exact same spot since 1946! A big difference here and look how solid this old car still is. Take a closer look at the photos. By the way, a car sitting only 10 years is like sitting a week around my garage. Some of my cars are still parked in the same spot as when they came here. At least a dozen very early cars are still lined up exactly where my great uncle unloaded them in the 1920s! That's well over 90 years. See how good you look after not moving for 90 years. As of now, about 40 cars have left here over the last 5 years and have been now fully restored and saved. Not a bad number. Unless you are actually involved in this undertaking, it's almost impossible to comprehend how difficult cleaning this place up really is. I don't understand why you are against what my family did many generations ago but why you also seem annoyed at me personally? Why? I'm trying to save as many as possible. If I wasn't a true car fan, I could have just run them over with the tractor and load them on the trailer for scrap.
  5. If it didn't "Compost itself" in 72 year barn storage, it's never going to. The car survived very intact as you can all see and was kept dry. Oh, it did sell, which is why I dug it out of storage. In fact, several people were fighting over this car. It went to a museum in Poland who offered more than I was asking to get the car first. It's now undergoing a full restoration. Another "Unwanted" junker saved.
  6. What a great rare model Cadillac you have there. Here is mine. A 26 model 314 Opera Coupe with golf door. Looks close but the 26 introduced small opera windows behind the doors. This is believed to be the only 26 Cadillac Opera coupe known to still exist. I took this photo not long ago, after I pulled it out of the barn where it sat since 1946.
  7. So you are saying that there are thousands and thousands of unrestored V16 Cadillacs for sale at any time? Nope.
  8. Ahh, no. I don't think so, considering we pulled at least 80% of these cars directly out of the scrap drives of WW2. I can say with confidence that if it was not for us saving the cars, they would not even exist today. They were on their way to being melted down in the 1930s and 1940s ok? We are not car hoarders, we saved them, period. You are welcome everyone.
  9. Oh My Goodness what a car! The first year 38 60 Special is one of my all time favorite Pre War 2 sedans, I have a nicely restored 38 60 Special which I take to local cruise nights. That sunshine top is rare to find today. I have a 40 60 Special and a 39 LaSalle both with that sliding roof. The 60 Special also has a division window. I need another car like I need a Goat, however, if I was in the market, I would like to have it. Love that color combo. By the way, that leather interior was redone. Leather was not available on a 60 Special.
  10. Thank you friend. Yes, I think I priced all the cars very fair and many are actually selling. As for this V16, I will post more complete photos as promised. I never let you guys down. Also, keep in mind guys, the 35k asking price is a reasonable place to start, it does not mean that I will only sell the car at that figure. I am up for negotiations within reason. The car can be bought for less. I think you guys know that.
  11. If you have to ask, you might not understand. Anyways, to answer the question, as more cars started coming in, the buildings grew in size to hold more cars. The oldest section was sealed up and a new doorway was built. The old road up to the original doorway turned into a full grown forest so removing cars that way is not possible without a helicopter. This closing and sealing up doorways happened several times over the last 80+ years. Nobody thought at the time in the 30s and 40s about getting the cars out. The question always was, how to keep bringing new cars in?
  12. Yep, Franklins are here. A roadster and a touring car. Both from the teens. I can't get them out. They were walled in long ago. Sealed up.
  13. Maybe hard for some of you guys to determine by the few photos? Ok, maybe but I walk past the car everyday so I know how good it still is because it's my car. I don't think the car is going anywhere, at least not here. However, I have to move the car anyway to remove another car behind it that already sold so the V16 will be coming out, at least temporarily. When it does, I'll post some photos and I am sure everyone will be amazed how well preserved she is. Still has big old wide white tires all holding air.
  14. Are you sure? I always thought mine was the special six? Also, except for the nose and fenders, the body is aluminum. We liked Studebakers, a ton of them are here including a neat little 20 roadster, a late teens pickup, I'm not sure if it's factory and a gigantic 1918-19, could even be a 20 touring car with jump seats, it's so tall and the wheels are huge.
  15. Am I the only guy here that thinks this Cadillac is not going to be a difficult restoration? Anyways, I personally believe it would be a great HPOF class car. A good cleaning of the paint, most, if not all of that chrome will clean up to a presentable state and that engines going to run. I'd drive it as an original. How many completely original V16 Cadillacs do we see at shows? None. This car would kick ass pulling up at any grand event and I guarantee it would pull crowds at Pebble or Amelia and it would get the invite, no question about that.