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    Long time car collector since youth. I like all years and models, not just one make. One of the greatest hobbies in the world is car collecting. You meet some of the nicest people in the world. AACA Historian. Was also past president of NJ AACA. My first word spoken was ESSO.

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  1. I wonder if anyone can ID where these amazing cars are today. 29 Mercedes, 26 Bugatti, 31 Lancia, 33 Cadillac roadster, that must be rare, 27 Packard, 14 Mercer. Photos just have a date on back. 1964. These were all taken by my uncle. Check out the last blurry photo of a 1907 Rover taken in 1955. I will scan that one into the computer for a clear view. Also found a photo of a 1924 Lewis being hauled into a scrapyard dated 1942 by what looks like an early 30s Nash converted into a tow truck but the photo is falling apart as I try to remove it from the book. Anyone ever see a Lewis automobile before?

    Buick 1932 model 90 series 90, 91 or 97

    I have one. A 32 90 Victoria coupe. The car is still buried in long term storage since the 1950s but I would like to get it out and maybe put the car up for sale by next spring or summer. Are you looking to buy one or just general information on the 90 series?
  3. Just had a few minutes this morning to look again. I found these 3 photos. "Flea Market 1966". Does not say where. Check out the 06 Buick on the trailer. Looks like a Stoddard Dayton in the center of the third photo?
  4. OK one more for the road. This photo says, "Judges in a huddle" Also dated 1968. Anyone know where this Rolls Royce is today? Enjoy.
  5. Wow! I think most of us remember this Packard custom right? I recall seeing a blue one at Amelia Island a while back or maybe Pebble Beach? I also recall my uncle saying one of the coupes was cooked in a fire in the mid 1950s? Anyways, Photo says "Aero Sport Coupe LeBaron 4 built" New York J.G. Linhardt 1968. I wonder who has the car today? I have a number of old photos of this coupe.
  6. Here are a few more, now I have to get back to work. First photo says, 33 Packard 12, 1968, next photo, 31 Cadillac New York 1968, next photos says, 11 Apperson, also 1968, same event I would think.
  7. I could not help myself, this is such a good topic so I dug out more of my uncle's photo albums and what I have been finding has been amazing. Most photos have dates on the back along with the make of car, some have owner's names from the time the photos were taken. I will post photos, all I ask is that if someone would like to use a photo for anything unrelated to the forum and this topic is to reach out to me before you use any photos. Fair enough? Here are a few to start with. First photo says on back, "30 and 36 Benz, 1962". Second photo says, "29 SS Hershey 67 Charlie". I think that may be Charles Mulhern's old car. Next photo of classics dated May 1959. I think the first J photo I posted was part of this row of cars. Next photo, hard to view, it says, 11 Mercer, 08 Napier June 1952.
  8. This topic really took off. I have many old photos to search through which my car crazy uncles both took during their decades of car hunting and collecting. Some are from car lots, others they took of cars being towed into scrap yards during the 30s, 40s, 50s ect while others were taken at early car shows. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to scan some photos of just the big league cars into the computer, as spare time permits and post them on the site for our enjoyment. I just opened one photo album tonight and this was the first photo I found so we are off to a good start. It has a May 1959 date so I would think all the cars in this photo are still around today. It could be from anywhere as my uncles did get around. I know we have a photo of an open SJ, not a J on a used car lot in New York during the War years with a $995 price tag on the window. My uncle tried to chew the dealer down to $500 but no sale. A week later, it was gone. I will find that photo. Does anyone know this Model J? I know it's only a corner photo, however, I'm sure one of our experts will spot the car right away.

    32’ Oldsmobile Convertible roadster roster

    Well, we solved that mystery. Yes, when I looked at the four vent doors on the hood, I first thought it was an Olds 6 and maybe only the 8 had 5 vent doors. What also started to make me think it may have been a Pontiac was the teardrop looking rumble seat step plates as seen here in this photo. I also think since it has an Oldsmobile drivetrain, it was always in the back of my mind that it most likely is an Olds. Keep in mind, the car has been sitting out back for over 60 years and I never even took a real good look at it. Either way, at least the Pontiac guys now know of another rare 32 Pontiac convertible to exist. I hope I was able to help and I hope you guys enjoyed the photos. Maybe someday I will try and dig the car out and offer it to a good home. It would be nice to see such a rare car saved.
  10. There are more long lost missing serious automobiles, I am not talking about 4 door Chevy or Ford sedans, than we could ever imagine. There are still missing Bugattis, Talbots early Ferraris and maybe even a few Duesenbergs? Don't always go by what the so called experts think still survive today. There are always more.

    32’ Oldsmobile Convertible roadster roster

    I went out back today and took a few photos so you guys would not think I am making something up so here is my proof. I can always back up what I say I have in the old junk pile. 😀Looks like an Olds to me and it does have wood wheels with the 5th spare out back, no side mounts. I also saw a data plate on the cowl so I wrote down the numbers. However, the plate only says, Fisher Body Corp, Detroit Michigan, it does not say Oldsmobile Motor Works or Pontiac or anything else. I could not get too close to the back of the car, too many pricker bushes and I thought I saw a snake in it, "just great, more crap to deal with". Anyways, it's either an Oldsmobile or maybe a Pontiac. It has a folding front windshield, folding landau bars and a rumble seat, however, it has roll up side windows where a true roadster would not have side windows. Just what the heck is this thing?

    32’ Oldsmobile Convertible roadster roster

    I just stumbled upon your post. You are looking to build a roster of 32 Oldsmobile roadsters? I believe I have one with all my other old junk out back. It's a mess but I am pretty sure it's a 32 Olds roadster. I know 100% it's a 32 model and I know 100% it's a roadster with a rumble seat. I also recall a side golf door. There is a small possible chance it's a Pontiac. I think the bodies were pretty much the same. I have the title somewhere. If it's an Olds, I will give you the serial numbers to add to your roster. I will try to get close to the car and take photos but it's been buried under overgrown trees and sticker bushes since before 1960. There is a huge tree molded to the front fender so moving the car is not an option. I will post a few photos here if you like. It was an early attempt for a hotrod as there is a later Oldsmobile OHV Rocket 1950's V8 engine under the hood. I also recall it being a wood wheel car with the spare on back, non sidemounts.

    Wanted ‘38’ Buick

    Although I am more of an Oldsmobile, Cadillac and Packard guy, the 38 Buick had by far, the most beautiful looking front end of all 38 model cars with the 38 Cadillac 60 Special a close second. Although it's not for sale, here is a photo of my 38 Buick opera coupe. I recall riding in the jump seats in this car as a kid. Have not had this one out in a long time but it's dry and held up very well over time. I try to keep up on the cars in this area, a wipe down now and then, air in the tires, ect and the overhead skylights help keep away dampness and mildew. This part of the building was closed off and walled in years ago so getting the car out is not possible anymore. If you walk down those dark hallways behind the Buick, you will come across three more 38 Buicks, a Century convertible coupe, a convertible sedan and a huge Buick 90 Limited. I can't get any of those cars out anymore but I'll climb back there and take some photos for fun. It's pittyful.

    Wanted Brass era car or older to restore

    Hi there. If you are looking for a basket case as you said, send me a PM, I have plenty of brass project cars.

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Oh I read it, very clear. I read several of your posts in the past. You seem to sometimes confuse people by making different comments at different times my friend. Not only is it a Sin in the automobile world to chop up a fine looking perfectly usable 41 Buick Limited, the question is, why on Earth would you want to pop 15 grand, then rip the poor thing apart, store all the parts on your shelf for a possible unlikely future need? I understand that you own one. I do too. I have six Buick Limited models in 60+ year storage, one of each year from the first year 36 edition to a 41 just like this. I admit mine are all rats except my 38 Limited which is well restored. Even the rough ones I can't imagine chopping them up. My family devoted 80+ years saving old cars from being cut up so this kind of talk gets to me. The only way I'm chopping up an old car is if the thing is rusted in a million pieces and even then, I strip any usable part possible and offer the parts, usually for free to fellow car guys who really need the part to restore their own cars. Do I have time to do all that work? Heck no but I do it for my fellow car friends. I give parts away to truly needy people as I love to see their look of joy. I hope you live to be 200 if you have that much time to spare stocking up on parts. No hard feelings in anyway. Please remember, we should never cut up decent antique automobiles. 👍