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    Long time car collector since youth. I like all years and models, not just one make. One of the greatest hobbies in the world is car collecting. You meet some of the nicest people in the world. AACA Historian. Was also past president of NJ AACA. My first word spoken was ESSO.

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  1. I have a Gardner. A 30 closed sedan but it's a rusty mess from 70 years sitting. I'll see if I can get back to it and snap a few photos before the spring greenery completely covers it again. It's really not savable but I won't scrap it. Nature was rough on the car.
  2. Ahhh, that was also my post.πŸ™„ A 1908 REO that my family saved in storage for 90 years is just a relic as you said? I guess your chance at coming in to see the family Duesenberg just dropped down the list and I didn't make that up. Sometimes, I think I should just lock up the place and let my kids deal with it in another 40 years and spare everyone the enjoyment of seeing the cars come out. No wonder why my two uncles sent all the early generation of collectors including Bill Harrah himself away because everyone said we just had old junk cars that were worthless. Harrah, Tom Barrett, Alex Miller the famous Stutz man and Barney Pollard all used to beg to get in and buy what we had. The stuff can stay with this kind of talk.
  3. Ok, would you go do all that hard work getting the cars out for free? No, you would not. Nobody could.
  4. Offer the carsπŸ™„ for free? Really and I am expected to just take all that time off of work, perhaps a month just to get a car out, busting my butt and give it away? I have to now work for nothing? Do you work for nothing? Don't know about you but I have a family to take care of. Some of you just don't seem to understand the amount of hard labor and time that is involved just getting the cars out and down to the main drive, which by the way is over a mile away and also overgrown with woods from where the main building is, so they can easily be picked up. Would you give away something that say, your grandparents saved for 80 years to someone outside of your family and would you also put in hard labor as well to do that? No, you would not.
  5. I hear ya. I think that Marquette brought around 30k after all said and done with fees. It was a nice driver although with several original hard to find items missing. Nice car, however, not a showcar. My 10k asking price for both Marquettes is a fair starting number and of course, I will take less as long as I am assured the car will be saved. That is important to us.
  6. Thank you for the generous offer. However, that would be 1000% impossible even with an Army of workers and a Helicopter to lift them out. It took over 80 years to get them in so they are not coming out overnight. It is happening but at a slow pace. I have to work one area at a time, then as more space is made, I can work on another area. Besides, not all of the cars are for sale. A number of them I am keeping for myself and my sons.
  7. Here are a few of the roadster. Rough but as rare as they come....I am still looking for photos I took of the 2 door coach parts car. It's a sidemount car but it makes the roadster look like a showcar. πŸ˜„
  8. Yes I will. I should have some in my computer, if I can't find them, I will go take some more. Thank you.
  9. Well I know some of the early REOs had wood front fenders, I recall 07 and older had wood fenders, however, we did have an 07 REO with metal fenders. We had one of the first REOs, it was titled as an 04, I think it was only the 4th or 5th REO built, although REOs first full production year was 1905. Very little difference between 08 and 09. The rear body section on 09 tourings were made out of aluminum, however, a number of late 08s also had aluminum rear sections such as this 08 has.
  10. It's an 08. Nobody has tried to turn the engine over since the 1930s. The brass data plate is still on the back of the car. I have to clear away a pile of parts behind the car so I can have a look at the plate. The car is pretty much complete including the top bows and frame.
  11. The Pierce Arrow is available guys. 😊
  12. Yes I do, sorry I left that out. 10k is a fair starting figure. The car is complete including the top bows and frame and I recall we do have the title for this car. It might be a little better than it looks but the car is 111 years old and original.
  13. When someone buys the 12 and 13 Buicks which I expect both will sell soon, I can get my 08 REO out and available and an early Model T, I think around a 14 model and an early Dodge touring behind that. I posted photos of the two early Buicks so here is a photo of the REO. 70+ years in storage so it's not a new car.