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    Long time car collector since youth. I like all years and models, not just one make. One of the greatest hobbies in the world is car collecting. You meet some of the nicest people in the world. AACA Historian. Was also past president of NJ AACA. My first word spoken was ESSO.

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  1. When they work right, this era Rolls Royce/Bentleys are outstanding cars. I sold these two good looking and driving examples for 8k each. Alot of car for the money but I priced both to sell. Most people overprice these cars simply because they can. They were 6 figure cars when new 30+ years ago so most sellers believe they are still worth a fortune today. 10k will buy a respectable 70s, 80s and early 90s example if you shop around wisely. 15k is not likely to happen.
  2. Ah the 60 Special. First mass production car without running boards. First closed car to have thin chrome window frames to look like a convertible sedan. First manual shift off the floor. Pontiac also offered it for 38 as a 10 dollar option. First car to have a trunk that does not look like an afterthought. First of many firsts. The 38 60 Special, one of the most beautiful looking machines of all time. I have three 38 60 Specials in the fleet, one with side mounts, however, they look much nicer without mounts. I wish I was able to get access to them. Sigh. 38 60 Special and the 38 Buick. Show me a better looking front end on another mid to late 30s automobile. Not.
  3. If anyone thinks your amazing convertible sedan is only worth 15k, they know nothing about old cars and should not be posting nonsense. Even if someone says it's worth only 15k, ask if he will produce the money right now, chances are he will not. This is one of the reasons I dislike selling cars although I must. People talk the talk but when it comes time to deal, they just keep on talking until they walk. You already know that my friend. Come on.
  4. This may be a bit too new for our site. However, I will give it a try as it's a very unusual car. 1982 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Regency Brougham with the factory original Diesel engine. The car is all original including the DX block. The diesel Oldsmobile 350 was introduced for the 1978 model year. As most know, what seemed like a good idea at the time, 30mpg in a full size car, turned into a nightmare for GM. The original D blocks from 78 to 80 had the most problems. The new for 81 DX block had major improvements all around but at that point, it's rep was down the drain. I believe the main problem was that people did not understand how to service or operate the engines. It was not like getting into a gas powered car. There was a method to driving and caring for a GM diesel. I have four Diesel powered Oldsmobile and Cadillacs and never had an issue with any of them. To find an original survivor with it's original diesel intact today is almost impossible. This top of the line 98 is all original including paint and it's rust free. Asking a reasonable 4000 for a well preserved example of an almost extinct automobile.
  5. One of the Plymouth Roadsters. Solid besides the running boards as you can see here.
  6. Nice to see all the interest in this Plymouth woodie. Now, does anyone want to make an offer on her? 20k is a starting number. I will work with serious buyers, however, I am not going to give something this unique away. I spoke of other Plymouths including a roadster and a convertible coupe so I just posted a few photos. Enjoy. 😀 Maybe someone would like to make a package deal on 3 very rare Plymouths. They are all 100% savable and will be saved.
  7. I will state something about Craigslist, I will also go into Ebay a bit.... Most of you know my situation and how I need to sell off cars. I have sold more cars on Craigslist than any other site or auction house known to exist and without having to deal with time wasters and lowballers. Craigslist is or should I say, was a blessing. I was able to sell off 30+ cars on CL in the last few years. Remember, I am not a dealer so unloading 30 cars from my yard helped unclutter the place alot! However, now that the site is looking to charge 5 dollars for each listing, Craigslist is going down the drain. You will see. I do not feel comfortable giving credit card information on Craigslist, maybe that is just me but it may keep me from listing on the site again. The other problem is the ad will vanish within a day or two, now, you can not just refresh the ad every few days, you have to pay another 5 dollars. If you have several cars on Craigslist, between posting and refreshing the ads every few days, you will be up for $50 or $100 per week very fast. It's not about the 5 dollars. Craigslist has two options now, either go back to the free automobile listings, or, watch Craigslist drop off the planet as the listings become smaller and smaller as people look to find other sites. Ebay is my second pick in selling cars. I now hear Craigslist is also looking to charge the same 5 dollars to post under Motorcycles and under car parts? Come on now. I have been using Ebay for over 15 years now, still with 100% positive feedback and not one time did I have an unhappy buyer.
  8. You may be right. One way to find out, I will go out back and check the tire size. I will also check if the engine is stamped, PA or PB. I suspected it was a 31 all along until I found the title which says 32. I have a lot of Plymouths here, a lot of early mopars in general, in fact, a lot of everything in general. Anyways, for you Plymouth guys, behind it, I have a 31 PA roadster and a 32 PB convertible coupe both with rumble seats. I am hoping to make them available maybe before next winter if anyone is interested. I'm sure that 32 PB convertible coupe is also super rare. I have some Plymouth, Dodge and Chrysler touring cars from the same era although they have been kept inside all this time. Had a few rare DeSoto roadsters and touring cars, however, they sold a few years ago. Fun stuff to collect but still a headache to deal with all this crap. Ha.
  9. Hi there. Here is a photo of the original Cantrell label which is on the inside driver side door post. It's faded out, however, you can still ID what the label is. I have seen a photo online showing this same exact Cantrell label in perfect condition. I can not imagine someone reproduced it or if it was that well preserved. You may be able to search online and find the photo.
  10. I agree, I have several 31 PAs and several 32 PBs in the yard and the front of this car looks like a 31. However, it's titled as a 32. Maybe it was a leftover 31 chassis and was sent to the coach builder very late in the model year and was titled as a 32. Who knows? With that said, I have to go by the title.
  11. Look at this! 1932 Plymouth Woodie Station Wagon with it's original Cantrell coachwork from new. First factory body Plymouth woodie was in 34 I believe. Talk about RARE. This is most likely the only remaining 32 Plymouth woodie known to still exist. The car has been fully covered and up on blocks so it held up well over time. The wood body is strong and the doors open and close tight. We parked it about 60 years ago. I lifted the car up with my forklift to inspect the underbody which also held up very well. The car is original, complete, a desirable 32 model and rare as Hen's teeth. I can get the car out now to be picked up within a short amount of time. Asking 20k. Thank you for looking.
  12. Sure. The car is about 20 minutes outside of New York City in the New Jersey Countryside. Morris County. I will take and post engine photos. Thank you.
  13. Now we must have someone in our group would would love to cruise around in the rare Pace Car? It's still in the garage but all I have to do now to get the car out is open the garage door. All fair offers will be considered before I put it up on Ebay and see what happens. Spring cleaning must continue. 🙂
  14. Anyone want this fine Pierce Arrow before I post it on Ebay or send the car to an auction company which I do not wish to do. Fair offers will be considered. Spring cleaning time. Too much stuff as we know. Or, I could just scrap it? 😲 Na.