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  1. Thanks Dave It turned out to be a gear in the lift motor for top panel...Thanks again
  2. Hey Guys Back For Help I had the hydraulics and relays restored in my 67 link conti convert approx 1 year ago...have not had any problems until yesterday..opened deck lid to put roof down and I noticed the top flap was hanging a little low on one side..when it came down it did not seal...I kept trying to lower it and it eventually sealed evenly in the down position..however, when i tried to raise the roof again the deck lid unscrewed and lifted about 4" and then its just stuck there can't raise or lower....just hear I do have a weak battery..there is a major drain and unless I remember to loosen battery cable battery gets real low..however still enough to turn car not sure its battery related.....hydraulic or do I get the roof open to get at I take back seat out and jump relays? thanks steve
  3. Thanks so much I took your advice found a well reviewed A/c guy down here in Miami and his suggestion was to vintage air the car...well there goes my hershey pa future (ha ha) Im a driver not a show guy anyhow so who gives a damn..Id rather be ice cold in the car than original...Thanks again
  4. Hey guys..well got my 67 back after 4 months of complete engine rebuild...however still no a/c..we filled it up with max amount of freon and it blew cold for bout 20 min then started warming up (never got colder than 70 ) after 30 min it was blowing hot air..massive leak..also evaporator ices up ..Im considering saying to hell with it and getting vintage air in dash (obviously some modifications are needed) mechanic is not a true a/c guy..should I give it one more shot with an expert..could it be as simple as a hose leaking? Thanks in advance
  5. thanks again to peecher and everyone else...we fooled with the distrib...and got the engine running smooth without its ever been...we will hit the feed hose next..after that I am finally done and can enjoy the car...except for rainwater pouring on my feet which I assume is bad gasket around fresh air vent..Im done..have to tie things up down here in Miami in case hurricane to get my 67 lincoln conti going..thanks
  6. I recently purchased a 1946 link contti convert and the previous owner put in a chevy 307 v8..awful...I added a holley 4 barrel carb and edlebrock manifolds to give a little more still lags...I noticed that the car has been converted to 12 volt but it still has old distrib. with points..will a change to an electronic device like MSD provide more power instead of the old points
  7. Hey Peecher you are always there in a pinch..I do appreciate your help..the strange thing is they both went at the same time...never had a problem until monday morning..both windows did the same thing at the same time...only thing I did sunday was do a quick car wash of the lower half of the car with the roof and windows down and I do know some water got into both doors through the window slot...I can't imagine springs or any fluid issues would go down at the same time and its like 100 degrees down here everyday
  8. Here we go the windows on my 46 continental go down at a snails pace (all three buttons) and up at there normal I need new hydraulics? Im making Boos Herrel a Fortune 500 company...
  9. Thanks so much I see that they have a good amount happy customers...I've tried to reach them all day but no answers...thanks again
  10. Hey guys My gas tank filled up a brand new fuel filter in less than 30 miles...I need to replace or rebuild...any suggestions ..or an another brand or model fit and work. I don't care about auto shows I want. To drive.. Previous owner put god awful 307 v8 in car so another mismatched item will not upset me
  11. Sure enough that's what it now air blowing but we lost 100lbs of freon in 2 days and one vent won't blow. Thanks for your help
  12. Thanks again..I probably will just upgrade to 350 small block to avoid the expense...I still have my 67 to win some trophies
  13. Hey Guys anybody have experience rebuilding or fixing the automatic temp control in 67 conti...Ive read that the tell tale sign is only hot air comes out of the blower under the compressor is working great but nothing blowing thru the vents
  14. Thanks...that's a little steep I think I will just try to juice up the small block