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  1. Just need a little help What is the width between the frame rails at the rear hangers of the front springs ? Help is always appreciated THX
  2. What happened to the Speedster ? It so great !
  3. Does a DEICHKRAFT have the right proportions ? Only Musing Thx to all,of you for your ideas. Im workin on it
  4. gastruk

    Movie Wings

    Anyone have info on Speedster in movie Wings
  5. gastruk


    See 19teen speedster
  6. The Rocket Wheel co. has thought about it.
  7. Does anyone know of a company that has cast a wood spoke wheel in aluminum?
  8. It was just a thought. Thank You for your input.
  9. Im looking at Firestone 600x20 650x20 700x20 Tyres. I like the look of the truck tread Im looking at 5" or 6" width x20 Weld Racing Wheels S74 Has anyone thought in this way? THX
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