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  1. Herb, You've got a great collection of early American motorcycles there! I've just bought a 1913 Thor model U twin that I'll be restoring and was wondering if you knew how to contact a Greg Walter who was an AMCA judge and Thor enthusiast? Do you have any literature on the 13 twin yourself? Do you know if anyone is making replica 2 speed rear transmissions (also used on Henderson fours I believe)? These and a million other questions! I'm also interested in knowing the paint and decal details of 13 Thors - would it be possible to take some detail photos of your bike (including closeups of tank and head-stem decals) and e-mail them to me? I don't suppose you'd consider selling your Thor single (or any other pre 1915 American single cylinder bikes for that matter)? I've got a hankering for such machinery after buying and restoring a 24 Indian Scout and an 18 F model Harley and sidecar (still under restoration). Any help or advice will be appreciated. Rob