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  1. You really messed up the idle mixture screws. They are not the idle speed setting. Hopefully you didn't screw them in really tight and damage them. With the car off, turn them all the way in (gently) until they seat. Then loosen them 1 1/2 turns (make sure you do this exactly by noting the orientation of the slot in each screw). Note: as you loosen, every time the slot is in the same position you have loosened it 1/2 turn. 1 1/2 turns is a good starting point. Both screws need to always be adjusted the exact same amount (ie. 1 1/2 turn). Once you have the overheating sorted out you can
  2. 1948 Olds Coupe 1966 442 W30 w/Tri-Power 1966 Startfire (I own now) 1966 or 67 Toronado
  3. I know this is an old thread. Just want to mention that I owned a 1966 Dynamic 88 with a factory 4sp and bench seats. No console.
  4. Just was looking in my collection of paperwork. I think you are incorrect on Olds not offering the 4 speed and that bench seats were standard. Although I agree that the Starfire was pretty much an afterthought once the Toronado sales took off. From the 1966 Oldsmobile Sports Model Catalog. Describing the standard features of the 1966 Starfire "Starfire: Guard-Beam frame. 3-speed fully synchronized floor mounted transmission standard. T-stick Turbo Hydra-Matic or 4 speed fully synchronized transmission optional at extra cost. Self-adjusting brakes, 208.6-sq.-in. lining area. 4-coil suspensi
  5. My Starfire has bucket seats. I was not aware that they were available with bench seats (they are so rare, I have only seen a handful). I know the Jetstar/1 (which was a less fancy Starfire) came with bench seats, as opposed the the Jetstar 88, which was a low end Dynamic/Delta 88.
  6. I don't have any proof. Does anyone know if it was even offered on the order sheet? If it was, do you think Olds would refuse to fill an order? In any case, the 66 Dynamic 88 I bought was clearly a factory 4spd. The Dynamic had a bench seat and no console, so I would imagine a Starfire would have needed a console. The picture I saw of the 66 Starfire with the 4spd I saw for sale (Mill Brook Imports, Restoration of Old Model Classic Cars) seems to have the Cutlas/442 console. Although I am not familiar with the Cutlas shifter arm, I think the picture shows a different rather long arm. If
  7. Just saw a for sale ad from MillBrook Imports claiming 277 4 speed Starfires were built in 1966. I own a 1966 Starfire with an automatic. However, I did buy a 1966 Dynamic 88 with a factory 4spd and posi. I removed the 4spd and all other components and have them in storage. My father bought a new 1966 Delta 88. A neighbor had a 66 Dynamic 88. I later bought the Starfire and have been working on them since around 1971. Stew's Oldsmobiles - 1966 Starfire Story
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