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  1. This car is a 1979 Chevrolet Impala 2-door that was originally purchased by the Nebraska State Highway Patrol. It is equipped with 9C-1 Police Package, which included, among other things: Station wagon suspension and wheels (large bolt pattern), Heavy duty stabilizer bars, 350 4-barrel, Deluxe trunk package, spotlight, extra dome light, lock-out of 1st gear, positrac rear axle, split bench front seat with station wagon upholstery, and a lock throttle. The car was an every day driver for many years and was then restored (driver quality) after a few years of retirement. The car was painted in 2005 with base/clear in the original white. Chassis was painted with John Deere semi-gloss enamel. New gas tank, carpet, headliner, re-dyed interior components. Nice driver, high mileage but drives nice. Located in Lincoln, NE. Asking $4,200.Contact Myron Smith @ myronsmith@windstream.net or 402-429-0118.
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