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  1. I have a continental 6y head with a blown out head in one of the cylinders. this head is the same as a continental 7U engine. any body know where one of these could be had? jim davis
  2. here is my worksheet for numbers. It appears the 6Y and the 7U are extremely similar with the same electrics. some sources say 1 thing, others say something else. if I could get a 240 starter, 241 generator and distributor combo (one says a 1811 dist) (one says a 241 distributor) and an ignition switch 1172 I'd be a happy guy. Others may work so I don't want to say no. thanks for your help jim
  3. i have a continental 7U 6 cylinder engine that needs the combo unit to run off the timing chain. also looking for a starter. the unit needed is for a 1925 davis car. thanks for your help
  4. al i have a 6Y, 7R, 7U and a 20L and maybe i can be of some help. They are in Davis and Derby cars and have some literature depending on what you need. I am also looking for some parts for the 7U starter, generator/dist combo and ignition. You can send me an email and we can talk. thanks, jim davis
  5. thanks Bud. thanks for the time. no mention of the derby car that had a 20L in it. i think alot of the assembled cars grabbed what they could get. the 20L was out at the end of the line for many car manufacturers.
  6. i would love to see some pictures of what you have. i have 3 or 4 davis cars but they're all from the 20's. maybe i can help.
  7. bud, thanks for some info. would you know what cars used this engine or it's equivelent? no where in the lester steele book is it listed. no where in any davis literature have i found it. I have a model 96 (?) that we believe is a derby car, assembled and manufacturered by davis. any help on this would be great. is there any printed matter i can get my hands on that shows all the different continental engine numbers and letters with specs and where they were used? i am in need of some things and currently have a 6Y, 7R, 7U & 20L. thanks again....jim
  8. i have a couple different continental engines from the 20's and need some electrical parts for the 7U. distributor/generator, starter, ignition switch. all parts were delco. i also have a 6y, 7r and a 20L. has anyone k ow of any other 20L in any car or boat or industrial application? willing to buy complete engines. jim
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