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  1. I need mouldings for my 1949 Cadillac miller hearse! Many mouldings are the same on the other 49 models and even some from 1948 will fit. I also need drivers door glass and the license plate ornament on the tailgate.
  2. Hi, At least $15000.00 Because it is a high options car with:p-window, p-antenna, t&c radio, speed warning, hooded mirror, rocker mouldings, spinnerhubcaps. and the car looks real good original. Regards ola
  3. Hi, Wanted a Cadillac inside rear view mirror with 3-way day&night function! I think it is the same mirror from 1960 to 1964 Fleetwood / Eldorado? I only want a mirror in very good condition or n.o.s Will pay good $$$ ola.halvarsson@telia.com
  4. Hi, Do you have any 59-60 Cadillac Fleetwood wheelcover Regards Ola
  5. Hi, Wanted rear conv top bow with dome ligt in the bow! I think that only 59-60 Buick electra with bucket seats have the dome light in the rear bow.:confused: