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  1. does anybody have or know where i can get a new or used knob for the headlight switch? i also need the nut that holds the switch in place in the dash. the switch that was there was just zip-tied to the steering column.
  2. no this is one that was ordered to put on the truck but was not needed. what happens when you have too many chiefs and not enough indians:mad:
  3. the 6 volt coil came off of a 1937 dodge brothers fire truck-still works, just replaced with a new coil $15 fan blade -same $25 gas cap is brand new but wont work on the truck $25 price does not include shipping. chris 417.598.9420
  4. we have a 1937 dodge brothers fire truck and recently it has been running poorly. it will start right up and run after sitting for a while, but then it will just die after its been running for awhile and then it will not start again. i just replaced the 6v ignition coil and condensor. the points on the magneto look fine. the other day when i tried to start it, it spit and sputtered, had an enormously big exhaust cloud around it and then backfired. after that i couldnt get it started again. im thinking problems with the carb?????? any ideas? chris
  5. i got to looking and you can just barely make out the word "choke" on the knob to the right of the key
  6. im looking for new, or if anybody knows how to fix the knobs that are in the cab on the dash. they have what looks like a brass ring around the edge of the buttons and im assuming the center (made of paper) said clutch, throttle, etc. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. do you have the radiator????or the horn button cover?
  8. the first pic is the damaged radiator. the second- pic i was just wondering what actually went in the whole in the fire wall. i have started taking the radiator out of the engine compartment but i cant figure out how to take the grill off to remove the radiator. i have unscrewed the three screws on the lower sides, but it still seems to be screwed in somewhere but i cant see anything. any ideas?
  9. did you buy it new or used (for the dodge dart)
  10. hi im a new member here and have searched all over the web with no luck. we have a 37' and one of the guys on my crew shut the cowl on the engine and hit the radiator blade, which in turn hit the radiator. now we have a huge mess everywhere and a ruined radiator :mad:. does anybody know where i could find a replacement oem or aftermarket on that would work???????also looking for horn button cover. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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