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  1. Time to rebuild the brakes on my 63. Any recommendations for a supplier. Never messed with the brakes before
  2. Received my air cleaner yesterday. And can't say enough good about it. Musclecarairleaners.Com did a great job. I can't see a flaw and the color seems spot on to me. The krinckle finish was done well and was very consistent all over. The company was very professional and very knowledgeable about the first Gen air cleaners. I was kept up to date every step of the way . Highly recommended
  3. I would love to have one. Is this a cars exclusive they had made up or does anybody know of anyone else selling it. I have looked around but haven't seen it anywhere else
  4. The assembly is finallly finished and I received some more pics with the invoice so I thought I would share. You can never tell to you see them in person but so far im excited. Total bill with shipping 212.00
  5. Not to kick a dead horse and will not be posting anymore problems I have on the forum but since this is already out there I will follow up on some things that have been posted on this thread I started. Many people posted that it's my responsibility to check up on cars. It's a little weird idea to me that I have to run their customer service department but I thought I would give it a try. Currently I am 32 days in. 11 unanswered phone calls. 5 non returned voice mails. And 6 no responses to emails. Next time I'll just throw some cash out the window and see if riviera parts show up in my mailbox
  6. Some pics on how my air cleaner restoration is going. First few pics are how I recieved it used.
  7. Yes strange indeed. I never imagined when posting. I thought it was a simple innocent question on shipping time experiences
  8. You cited caveat emptor to me. Which implies my due diligence on a purchase. But we are not suppose to discuss any such thing. It can't be both ways
  9. Come on. First of all i'm not negative on the company. If I can't get an explanation from them I can't ask other customers if my experience is normal operating procedure. (As it seems to be which allows me to be much more patient ) So if I get this straight if I start a business who has dealings with the clubs and associations represented here All and any shortcomings are protected by some sort of code of secrecy
  10. That's a great summary I can leave it alone on that note
  11. On second thought such threads should be allowed. Not everyone has been around for years and years. So this common knowledge about this or any vendor sopporter of roa or not is not common to brand new members such as my self. If I had read something like this thread before maybe I would have made a different decesion. Or maybe the same decesion with different expectations. That is kinda the whole reason of joining clubs and forums. A little guidance down the trail so we don't have to be lostoys anymore.
  12. Sorry if I crossed a line I didn't know they were advetizer I didn't know we were not suppose to comment on experiences buying parts associated with rivieras. Not even trying to be negative just seeing if it was a normal process what was happening. Also a reason I didn't know I was crossing some line was that I have read many threads on this forum about shopping experiences so I kinda even thought it was supported to do so. So apologies if I offended anyone and I will make sure my customer reviews are left somewhere else
  13. I hear you ,it is the communication. You can't get these parts just anywhere so of course you will wait if need be. Get this one. This spring I ordered a tool from eastwood then forgot about it 3 months later I get an email to review the tool. Now i'm upset and call in and the tool is back ordered with no idea of when it's coming in and not one heads up from the company
  14. Ok so I'm an idiot the number is at the top I missed it and it's not on the contact page. Apologies