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  1. I didn't find much of interest in my Reatta except lots of dog hair (ugh!) but in my '53 Kaiser Manhattan there were all sorts of things: lots of usable parts, many golf tees and, under the back seat carpet, two unopened condoms - lots of room in a Manhattan's back seat!
  2. I just had a great day: took the Reatta up into the mountains; a hot sunny beautiful day, the newly repaired A/C working great, car ran like a charm - super! Come back, sit down to browse the forum and I run into this pile of political crap. This has no place here, guys, we're talking Reattas.
  3. We're supposed to have a long hot summer this year so I bit the bullet and had my 88's A/C converted to R134a and working again. I lucked out because the system hasn't run in years but everything still works and holds pressure. I've never experienced a Reatta with A/C and it seems like a great system - keeps you cool and isn't too obtrusive. A good day.
  4. DH Comet


    I find the forum an interesting place to "lurk". Sometimes many of us just don't have very much to say, and, as some have mentioned, most things Reatta have been said before. In fact, I have noticed that many a new person will innocently ask a question and will be brusquely told to do a search. I would feel a bit intimidated about asking a question for that reason. I am fortunate in that my Reatta, although it's a high-mileage unit, just keeps on showing "no malfunctions" (I touch wood as I type this), so I just drive it every few weeks. I'm looking forward to taking it up to Whistler in a
  5. I agree. I'm not in a Reatta for its resale value, I just like driving it and being in something different, not just one of a million Hondas.
  6. Prices now are certainly all over the place. There are two Reattas on Craigslist near me, and the prices couldn't be more different. Admittedly, the 'vert is a lot nicer than the driftwood coupe, but maybe really nice ones can get interest going. http://abbotsford.craigslist.ca/cto/4765493092.html http://www.mertingm.com/VehicleDetails/used-1990-Buick-Reatta--Chilliwack-BC/2064883473
  7. Does anybody happen to know the actual mounting sizes (hole to hole) for the 5.25" and the 6.5" speakers for an '88? I tried a pair of 6.5" JVCs and the mounting screw locations weren't even close.
  8. A couple of weeks ago a blue Reatta that I had not seen before passed me on the highway as I was coming home from work; I thought "Cool! Two Reattas driving side by side!" Then I remembered I was in my "regular" car. At that moment I wished I had a big "Reatta owner" sign.
  9. What McReatta says is right on the money; this is being over-thought. I'm only looking for a decent shot of the things as an experiment, and as a way to possibly produce something that looks better than the sad-sack, black, un-readable, blurry-lettered mess that's on my '88 now. I don't really care if it doesn't look or work exactly like the original; I'm just thinking of an experiment and a possible improvement on what I have. If somebody who has a nice switch bezel could just take a good shot of it, that would be great.
  10. Yes, I saw that thread; it was interesting, and it made me think of talking to my friend in laser graphics. I just need a shot of the two switches, but including the surrounding texture, one picture each from straight on, close up so that he can put the image in the computer and reproduce it. I'm not much of a techie photographer, either, but just a good, straight shot, maybe M1 or L resolution (if that means anything on your camera) - fairly high res, anyway. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone have (or can take) a close-up, full-on picture of a really good '88 window switch bezel and the mirror one as well? The vinyl graphics teacher at the school where I teach thinks he can reproduce them if he has a full-scale digital picture, using one of a variety of brushed-metal look vinyls that he has available. They wouldn't have the lighting capabilities, of course, but I don't have that now anyway, and it might look a lot better.
  12. No, it's okay; I was just wondering. Thanks!
  13. How do you find out the results from the All-Buick meet?
  14. Gas in Vancouver right now is $1.41 per litre; $1.41 X 3.785 is $5.33/gal. I did fill up in Blaine, WA today, though, for $3.99 US.
  15. Here's a shot of four of the five Reattas that were at the show last week. A Maui blue '90(?) showed up later. Our placement was not ideal; my silver '88 was very close to the massive swinging door of a recycling dumpster. A good show, though, and fun.
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