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  1. Here you go,i shipped the Buick from the states. paint and chrome parts will be done some time in the future. Jack
  2. I happen to like cereal with milk. I have ordered a shop manual(so as not to **** some of you off) it will take a few weeks to get here. Below are some of the things i have done to the car. As to what i can afford that is my business I figured after doing all that is listed below it wouldn't hurt to ask for a torque setting. Thanks for your help. The original 2 barrel intake and carburetor have been replaced with a factory 4 barrel intake and new Edelbrock 500cfm electric choke 4 barrel carb. The original generator has been replaced with a modern style GM alternator. The driver side front fl
  3. I don't have a service manual they are a little rare in england. Also expensive to have shipped over.
  4. can anyone advise me what torque setting a water pump on a 55 buick special 264ci should be. I have one arriving this week to fit at the weekend. Jack
  5. Hi can you email pics and details to garyelleandaaron@aol.com Thanks
  6. Thanks pete pretty much as i thought ,brakes now fitted to car and running fine. Jack
  7. i have just got a set of rear shoes for my 55 buick the shoes have different lengths of friction lining along the shoes,which goes to the rear of the car and which to the front,would i be right in thinking the shoes with the larger area of friction lining faces toward the trunk,the other therefore faces the front of the car. Thanks Jack
  8. have just put in a brand new 2 part parking brake cable specific to the car(55 Buick) It is clamped in position at the foot pedal and runs along the chassis,the 2nd part goes in the horseshoe and runs into the shoes and connected into the brake shoe lever. The rear shoes have adjusted and the slack taken out of the parking brake cable. However when the foot brake is depressed it goes to the floor and the shoes don't move. when the drums are off and someone presses the foot brake the brake strut moves a little but does not operate the parking brake. The same thing happens if you pull on the cab
  9. Can one of you guys help please. I have a 55 Buick Special,when i imported the car to England it had no parking brake,i bought a front and rear cable from cars inc,now i spent today fitting it, it is clamped in position inside the dash and runs front to rear in it's normal places the rear cable is mounted on the horseshoe,the brakes have been adjusted and the parking brake tensioned.The problem is when i apply the parking brake the spreader bar that pushes the brake shoes to lock up isn't moving far enough to move the brake shoes. Can someone put up a picture of the rear drum set up so i can c
  10. I have a 55 Buick special,i have been looking for the stamped chassis no forward of the left chassis rail,i have had the wheel off and cleaned the rail but no sign of it.Would i be right in thinking it will be a little further forward but hidden below the battery tray. Jack
  11. I require a 55 Buick special parking / emergency brake cable front to rear, Anyone have one and willing to ship to england. I can do paypal Any leads as to where to locate one appreciated,kanter have them but list a couple of part numbers i sent them email but no reply. Thanks
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