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  1. Mr. Earl, good sir! I ordered my torque sealing kit (complete kit) on August 7th, along with a nice set of chrome mirrors (Need 'em here in Qwee-bec), and my neautral safety switch. All items were shipped "express" on the date of purchase, yet have been sitting at "customs" here ever since. I'm not happy about this, but, what can I do but wait? Nevertheless, I've driven my Buick a couple of times, even with the leak (leaving little fluid trails everywhere I go!), so I wont be driving it anymore until I receive the parts. I've gotten used to the drum/drums, so I doubt I'll be converting to fro
  2. Hi Guys, I have a 55 Buick Special, with power steering. I'm wondering 2 things; 1) How WIDE a tire can I put on this beast safely without altering ride and comfort? 2) Would wider tires pose more of an issue for the steering? I'm looking at whitewalls (of course!) 235-70-15 found at Coker; BF Goodrich 2 3/4 Inch Whitewall - 235/70R15 Have any of you used these particular tires? Or anything similar? Todd
  3. Been reading about this problem, because I have the same issue. My car is running great now (been 2 weeks in the shop), found this old post here and wanted to ask your opinions; Dynaflow is leaking (very significantly) and was told it's the boot and seal where the drive-shaft meets the torque-ball. So, I looked this up on Ebay; Buick Dynaflow 1953-60 Torque Ball STOP LEAK Seal Kit & Retainer FREE WORLD SHIP | eBay And there is a rubber boot, too that I'll grab. Do I require the entire kit? Or is it worth buying the rubber boot and rear seal only? I was under the impression that the Dynaf
  4. Hey Mike, She starts in neutral, however the connection in the switch that activates the reverse backup lights doesn't work. Someone (I swear it wasn't me!) at some point jammed a screw in place of the little mechanism and wrapped some wire around the screw, I'm guessing to make contact with the shifter mech. I believe they screwed up the contact for the reverse lights. Todd
  5. Hey Sid, Just got confirmation yesterday that my rear shocks are actually fine. I MAY replace the rear coil springs though - not sure yet. I found the rear axel seals, had them shipped, they're now installed. I have however, been searching high and low for a neutral safety switch. I found ONE, on Ebay, selling for 75.00 USD. I contacted the seller and asked if I bought it, if he can ship it FedEx or UPS "overnight". The switch, and two freeze plugs are the only things keeping my car in the shop at this point. Oddly, the freeze plugs are 2.5 inch diameter. I'm finding only smaller ones. I c
  6. Mike, you need axle seals? I ordered mine bout an hour ago from OldBuickParts.com. they'll be at my door tomorrow by UPS. :-)
  7. Thanks a bunch, Willie. Yes, the National Part # was what was shipped. Fits like a glove, diameter-wise, but was about twice as thick. Thanks for the info. Heading over there now. These are the obly parts keeping my car on the lift right now. I could have had her on the road tomorrow. Todd
  8. Skyking - No joke - I'm actually on that website again right now. I managed to find the 1/4 inch thick rear seals at Classic Buicks.com E. Rear Wheel Axle Shaft Seal, Classic Buicks Not the easiest thing to find. The frost plugs I'm ordering as we speak. Thanks very much! Todd
  9. Hey guys, Went to see my 55 this morning on the way to work, and was told "coulda had the car tomorrow", but.... here's a situation I can't seem to bend; I need 2 Frost Plugs, both of which measurre 2.5 inches. The largeast I've seen on COUNTLESS parts sites is 1.5 inch. The rear wheel oil seals that were shipped to the shop are as follows; National Part # 414045 1.875 x 20782 x500 They fit inside, so the inner and outer diamters are fine. However, it's the thickness of these seals that is the problem. They're too thick. After measuring the depth, I need 1/4 inch thickness. Does anyone have a
  10. HeyRob, Yeah, telling them "no rush" - I hope it doesn't backfire on me.Though I've had very positive experiences with this particular garage with myother cars, they seem to be babying this Buick. They were really impressed withit when it rolled in there. I stopped in on my way home from work yesterdayjust see how things were going, and here's what they've done, and are preppingto do; 1) The repaired my PS box and replaced the seals, and the gasket on theresevoir. 2) The removed all drums, cleaned, reset and painted the drims (removed all therust, too!) and are waiting on the cylinders to inst
  11. Hey Caribou, I actally had the car flatbedded to the local garage this morning for a complete assessment. I left her there, went to work, ate most of my finger nails until I got a call from the garage; "Can you come by the garage?" said the voice on the phone.... I think my heart skipped a beat, so I left work and drove to the garage. There she was, up on the lift, hood open, tires and drums off. I was called over to have a look, and listen to the explanations; Car's in great condition for its age. They told me. They marvelled at it's condition, really. Which left me feeling incredibly cool
  12. 1953Mack (Al) Thanks very much for posting those pics. Oddly, I've opted with a very similar color - Creamsicle, yet, the orange I've chosen is a deeper tone, metallic, and more of a "burnt-orange". The really strange thing is, the photo of the Special I printed out, and have displayed on my office wall - I'm thinking it's the same car you posted! "GNLOW" is the tag on this one, and there is some pin-striping on the trunk lid. I WAS going to keep the original colour (which is actually blue), but wanted that 2 tone color I'm so partial to. Todd
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