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  1. Have to say that I watched last night, and Richard bugs me. Aaron on the other had, he is a worker and I respect that. So if there is a redeeming part of the show it is the hard work that they put in. Still not a big fan of chopping everything up, but that is just me. I watched Richard dancing around while he was getting drunk and I thought yeah I don't like that guy. Meanwhile the crew are working around the clock.
  2. My Dad left me his 1933 ford pickup. He bought it before I was born. In my lifetime I remember it running once. I was born in 1971 in case you wanted to know.
  3. Amen brother, I totally agree with that.
  4. I do not mean any disrespect for your shop, I am of the opinion that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. For me it is alot like a Rat rod. Sure they look cool at start, but you will have a super tough time of getting it back to original if you ever wanted to do so. I inherited a 1933 ford pick up from my Dad, that he was always trying to fix up and restore my entire lifetime, I watched the show for pointers or for ideas on how to do certain things and am greatly disappointed that they cut up classics, all to put over sized tires on them. In my opinion, classic cars and trucks
  5. I did watch it and I want my hour back. Seriously they decide what they want to do, or what they think is cool and then try to sell it to someone else. So rather than saying, hey what will make us the most money on this car, lets chop the heck out of it and then try to sell it when we are done. I find myself rooting against them both hoping they loose money on the deal. I like the type of shows were they restore the car (overhauling) or make it a little more modern, but this is like watching butchers with a teenager's attitude. Just felt like putting my two cents in.
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