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  1. I think there are about 10 Trumbull roadsters, 2 coupes, and 1 or 2 pickups left. Some of the roadsters are in England and New Zealand.
  2. I'm not sure how to send a photo to The Old Motor to show that it is a Trumbull, but here is scan of a brochure including the speedster.
  3. I think there are about 10 Trumbull roadsters, 2 coupes, and 2 pickups left in the world. Do you happen to have any pictures of the car?
  4. The first car is definitely a 1914/1915 Trumbull speedster. It has the same fenders, hubcaps, radiator, hood etc. of Trumbulls. Supposedly they only made one speedster for Alexander Trumbull, brother of Isaac and Jonathan Trumbull. That is Alexander in the driver seat. I think it was originally grey with red wheels.
  5. Haha thanks for the vote. It may look sweet on the outside but driving it is a different story. It is more top heavy than a phone booth.
  6. Hello I live in Orange, CT near Bridgeport, CT and my grandparents worked at Locomobile. Do you have any pictures? Also would you consider selling it? Thank you
  7. Hey everybody. Hagerty is holding their 2nd annual search for the sweetest lemon in America. My 1914 Trumbull coupe is the only horseless carriage to make it to the top 10 cars in the competition. Can I get some help with the public vote from some fellow horseless carriage fans? I posted the link below: Vote for America's Sweetest LeMon Thank you! -Nyle