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  1. I'm selling my '89 Maserati TC, 50,000 miles, very clean car for BEST REASONABLE OFFER. The car is complete and in excellent shape as can be seen by the pictures. Very minimal rust, I've attached a picture of one of the rocker panels to show how clean it is. The car is not running at present. There is a badly stripped spark plug hole that had a broken spark plug and e-z out stuck in it, both have been drilled out and removed thus the damage. The spark plug hole may be repairable using a Time_Sert plug insert but this is not guaranteed. All the work has been done to remove the cylinder head wit
  2. Is the Chrysler head interchangeable with the Maserati head? Since there may be an issue with the turbo and I'm not willing to put much more money into the car (although I would like to get it running) I would consider removing the turbo (please don't flame me), go with out it and use a standard Chrysler head. Other then plugging a bunch of holes any idea what else I'd be dealing with, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, I assume I can swap the ones over from the TC if necessary. Issue with down pipe to exhaust? Am I even in the right ball park as far as the head is concerned or am I totally of
  3. Thanks very much guys, got the car jacked up, now I know what I'm looking for. I think everything on the front of the motor is done, timing cover is off and I'm going to do my best to keep tension on the timing belt. Rich, I see we're neighbors, is there a way I can get in touch with you. Forgot to post pictures of the car, don't have the best camera but here's a couple to check out. PICTURES WERE TAKEN ON JULY 12, 2012, forgot to set date in camera.
  4. Hi folks, this is my first post and I have a question about pulling the head on my 1969 Maserati TC P motor. I have everything disconnected on the front of the motor, not sure what needs to be done on rear of motor and where to find the fittings that need to be disconnected. I read on another forum - " The intake/exhaust manifolds should stay attached to your head until the whole assembly is on the bench. Just take loose the exhaust at the downpipe (those shoulder bolts will likely break off, easy to find new ones at auto parts or dealership), the oil feed to the turbo (I like to take it from
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