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  1. The current plan is that the daily events will take place at the Bulgari site. The Thursday Cruise In will take place to/from and at Dorney Park. The Buick Heritage Alliance dinner will take place at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center. The Saturday grand finale will be a buffet in the Park. There may be groups that wish to meet offsite and we have rooms set aside at the Renaissance which folks may use....or not.. JB
  2. We are operating the 2016 Buick Celebration in close contact and cooperation with the fine folks that support Nicola Bulgari in the United States. During the past three years, we have had many planning sessions to provide THE BEST experience to members of the Buick Club of America. There will be many "surprises" in Allentown that will take place. When the Celebration is over, THEN you can let me/us know if the value you received was commensurate with the Registration cost. See you in Allentown! JB
  3. On the subject of the cost of the Hospitality Room: When Buicks Were Fine in 99, I/we allowed free access to soda and water in the Hospitality Room. Members took "scoops of drinks" filled their coolers (it was hot) and I paid $30, 000 out of my pocket - yes you are reading it correctly, to make sure folks were HAPPY. Happiness is a Cool drink on a hot dat. On the subject of Host Hotel in Allentown: The Renaissance is the Host Hotel BUT, there are MANY hotels to chose from with a wide price range. On the subject of a gift in Allentown? Everyone LOVES a surprise and there will be many! On the subject of early Registration before the Springfield Meet? Registration for Springfield is CLOSED. JB
  4. Greetings and Salutations from the "organizer" of the 2016 Buick CELEBRATION. It is NOT a National Meet. It is a 50th Anniversary Celebration. There WILL be awards give out but not for each specific car-rather-special awards. There are costs to running this meet that have to be covered so therefore, the cost of Registration. May I help in any other way? JB
  5. Let me please bring everyone up to date on the Buick Heritage Alliance web site. We are about to rebuild the entire web site to be more "user friendly" from both a shopper perespective as well as those in our organization who continue to labor on the scanning and uploading of new material. This project will be started in the next couple of weeks and we hope to be done in September. Upon completion, you will see a great deal of new material, that has been scanned for the past year, but we have not had the ability to get it uploaded due to the age and problems with the site. We will let everyone in the Club, know when this is completed! Thank you for your continued support. JB
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