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  1. Information will be at Registration of course. We can send what we can through e-mail, if you want to share it with me. Jeff1952@tts-us.com
  2. At the Show Site. Everyone that is registered will get a letter with your Registration-Directions-Show Car and/or On Person decal and a list of events; in the next two weeks. Included, will be your assigned spot on the show field.
  3. All meetings (a Banquet is not a meeting); will be in Building 862 at the show site. As Bill pointed out, Banquets are off site.
  4. Y · #321 Posted 13 hours ago · Report post To all the members running the meet Thanks to you All i know some of this might have been asked before but to clear up some questions please 1) the hours from 7am to 6pm wed thurs fri and 7am to 3pm on sat does that mean if you are not leaving your car on the show field it MUST be removed by 6pm? i see there is no 24hr access but are those hours the only hours that we can be on the show field, and if we leave a car can we get back to it to access it at any time other than those hours? There will be Security at the Gates 24-7; but the show field will be open/closed during the published hours. Only in case of an Emergency, will you/anyone be allowed on the Field, when the show field is closed. 2) the 10 x 10 tents allowed does this mean there will be enough room behind each car for a 10x 10 tent? if so there is a perfect spot for chapter banners! This is not Hershey so hopefully we won't have a field of tents; rather a field of show cars. 3) for those of us that are not attending the Banquets or Dorney park does anyone know of any local cruise spots we could invade with our Buicks? John Schieb is putting together a covered bridge tour. 4)is Saturday the only day that BCA members will be able to view Mr Bulgari's collection or will it be available other days? The viewing hours for the collection will be announced at the show. 5) will there be available car wash as the host hotel usually has at other meets? if not is there any local NO TOUCH car washes in the area? There will be a car wash area on the site of the Meet. again thanks for all the hard work marty
  5. All meetings will take place at: 862 N. Fenwick St. , Allentown, Pa.
  6. Registrants 1400 Show Cars 601 Trailers 93 Vendor Spaces 141 BCA Banquet 759 BHA Banquet 413 Sold Out Dorney Cruise 172
  7. Those who have NOT received a confirmation letter, should have one coming this week. We were a bit behind and now we will ketchup. To check for the up to the minute information, you can always call the office: 614-472-3939.
  8. The latest/greatest Registration Numbers: Total Attendees: 1376 (We had 1402 when Buick's Were Fine in 99). Cars: 595 Vendor Spaces: 135 BCA Banquet 745 BHA Banquet Sold Out Dorney Park 164
  9. If your Buick is on the show field, you will still need to have a fire extinguisher in your car for safety.
  10. If you are bringing the Family to the 50th Anniversary Celebration, please go to: http://www.buickclub.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/BCA-Youth-Programs.pdf Hagerty has put a wonderful Youth Program together and we need to get your youngsters registered for same.
  11. Thanks to all the wonderful Buick Club members, we have reached our Buick Heritage Alliance dinner goal of 400 members. We are now sold out and unable to take anymore reservations.
  12. In Columbus, in 1999, we had 752 cars and 1402 attendees. In Flint, as I recall, over 2000 cars in 2003. This is a different time and an aging Club so I am trilled for all those who are willing and able to attend!
  13. Some 50th Anniversary Factoids: Here's the most recent registration numbers as well as an update on the cars by years. 1903-1919 - 13 1920's - 17 1930's - 61 1940's - 64 1950's - 81 1960's - 146 1970's - 86 1980's - 47 1990-2004 - 64 Attendees: 1329 Vendor Spaces: 132 BCA Banquet: 725 BHA Banquet: 400 Dorney Cruise: 160
  14. Hotel Reservations: 30 days out - June 25 - the Buick Club Hotel Block and Special rates will be going away in Allentown. If you have NOT made your reservation, I would suggest you do before the 25th of this month. After that, we cannot guarantee that you will have a place to stay for our 50th Anniversary Celebration.
  15. Here are the show field hours currently planned for Allentown: Show Field/ Meet Site Hours: Wednesday, July 27: 7 am - 6 pm Thursday, July 28: 7 am - 6 pm Friday, July 29: 7 am - 6 pm Saturday, July 30: 7 am - 3 pm
  16. Registration Update June 2, 2016: 1207 Registrants 539 Beautiful Buicks 83 Trailers (Perhaps we should have trailer judging?) 127 Vendor Spaces 697 BCA Banquet 377 BHA Banquet 152 Dorney Cruise In and Picnic
  17. Holiday Inn (formerly the Best Western) Best Western Lehigh Valley Hampton Inn & Suites Bethlehem Hampton Inn Allentown Hilton Garden Inn West Holiday Inn Allentown I-78 Holiday Inn Center City Holiday Inn Express & Suites (Cherry Lane) Holiday Inn Express Airport Homewood Suites Airport Hyatt Place Sand Casino Hotel Towneplace Wingate As of today, these hotels have availability.
  18. The Allentown facility now has a formal name: The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage
  19. If there is anyone out there that wanted to stay at The Sand's Casino in Bethlehem, and has not made their Hotel reservation; they are about to take our block away as zero interest to date.
  20. We are trying to wrap up Registration and close it, July 6. After that, you/your car will be assigned a field position by year, as your Celebration parking spot. Please make your change prior, if you so desire. As to the baseball game, I believe the tickets are together in a group.
  21. I'll keep everyone updated on Registration and important updates as they develop. When we get towards the first of July, I will go over the "directions" that you will receive in the mail, so that your arrival and movement around Allentown, may be as carefree as practical as possible, for our National celebration. As of last night: 1132 Registrants 512 Buick's 90 Outdoor vendor spaces 27 Indoor vendor spaces 665 BCA Banquet 359 BHA Banquet 147 Dorney Dinner
  22. This past Tuesday, May 3, Mike and Nancy Book; BCA President Brian Clark and I flew over to Allentown and spent the day with 50 or so folks who will be touching the 50th Anniversary Buick Celebration. For many, it was our first face to face as we walked through each and every hour from our arrival for set up on Monday morning, July 25 until/through our departure on Sunday, July 31. It is a daunting task to plan for so many from so far away! First, we are now able to offer a baseball ticket opportunity for the Tuesday evening baseball game at Iron Pigs, across the street from the show field. Buicks at the Ballpark • Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 C’mon out and enjoy America’s favorite past-time! The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs have invited the Buick Club of America to their baseball game on Tuesday night, July 26. The Iron Pigs are a AAA level professional minor league team. The game starts at 7:05 pm, and prior to the start of the game the BCA has been invited to bring some Buicks representing various decades and models to do a “parade lap” around the ball field. The first 100 people to sign up for attending the game will receive a FREE ticket to the game. All signing up after that would have a $10.00 per ticket cost, but with that ticket you receive $2.00 complimentary towards your food and beverages at the game! Arriving early and looking for something to do??? What could be more fun than getting together with Buick friends and having a ballpark hot dog, peanuts and a beverage while watching a baseball game?? To sign up, contact the Buick Club Office at 614-472-3939 or buickcluboffice@aol.com. Second, we passed another milestone as we reached our 500th (actually 505) car registration. We are up to 1104 attendees; 655 at the BCA Banquet; 353 at the BHA Banquet; and 147 for our cruise in and picnic at Dorney. There are many surprises that the 50th Anniversary Team has in store for you as you spend the last week of July, celebrating the Spirit of Buick in Allentown, Pa.
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