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  1. Well, it was a request Bob and for this group I'm always willing to help. Yellow Dog I'm glad it works for you and will do.
  2. Here you go "YellowDog".... cleaned it up a bit to make it a little clearer for decal use.
  3. Thanks Bob. Just thought a little out of the box design would be fun. But I'm glad you liked yours. It was one of my favorites. -Rolf B.
  4. The dash kits work fine and look fine, I did it to put in a Blaupunkt that plays MP3. The speakers do not to be changed they have amps built in and work off of a standard 4/8ohm speaker input, you don't have to touch them. Just do yourself a fovor and get the plug adapters for the new head unit and leave the factory plug intact. Included a photo of my job.
  5. This is for the new year, a little late though. As before they are 16x9, enjoy.
  6. Bob, Did you sort out the boost gauge issue? If so how did you do it. Rolf B.
  7. Sounds like the Allante (built 87 - 93), the other American/Italian roadster. Pininfarina designed and built the body in Italy shipped it over here and it was mated with Cadillac running gear and modified sub chassis. Look familiar?
  8. And a few Chrysler models sharing the same basic design themes as the TC (pictured for reference).... They are in order: LeBaron J-body coupe, LeBaron AA-body sedan, GTS H-body hatchback sedan, LeBaron J-body convertible, LeBaron AA-body sedan and the TC. They share a common "Chrysler" design language for the time (mid 80's to mid 90's) and the designs compliment each other very well. And as been said so many times, the TC was to have led this look to market but instead was late getting to the party.
  9. For comparison... The Maserati Spyder by Zagato......... .............................The Chrysler's TC by Maserati (my car by the way) Similar but oh so different... and one still can be repaired.
  10. If you look at Maserati designs at the time they had a sharper squarer look while the TC was softer and more rounded. Italian auto makers also didn't do much in house styling, being done by design groups like ItalDesign, Bertone, etc., credited or not. Chrysler was strong on design, look at the Laborghini Portifino concept, and that softer TC "look" can be seen in third generation LeBarons, the AA body, of the early 90's as well as the H body GTS hatchback sedans and of course the J body coupes and convertibles. Maserati, and other Italian brands, where strong on engine design so adding a DOHC
  11. Hi Russ, That photo got me searching every nook and cranny for information and I thank You for that. Most information, as I noted, is foggy and convoluted at best. Wish Chrysler didn't openly laugh at the mention of the car and blame Maserati for it. I love mine. Rolf
  12. Thanks Bob! Maybe soon I'll add a couple more.
  13. A follow up: Found the post http://forums.aaca.org/f144/tc-prototype-333384.html In the post he says that they worked with Maserati on that prototype but doesn't say on what. In doing some investigating Maserati came into the project about 1983 after Chrysler had started on the car and had been trying to sort out how to position it in it's product line-up. The TC was, as best I could find, designed alongside the LeBaron "J" body cars and, as we all know, was intended to be on sale prior to that LeBaron convertible /coupe. I also found a couple of articles in old car magazines from the late 70'
  14. This was a photo posted here awhile ago, can't find the post though, so I hope he doesn't mind I put it back up. As I remember this was his Dad in the car and the picture was from the early 80's, a TC prototype that was undergoing testing in California at the time. This car is replete with hood louvers, finned wheels, lower chrome trim and has, what looks to be, a different dash. However it has Chrysler logos and nary a Maserati reference. In doing a little digging this would have been before Maserati was involved. So the design was set in the very early 80's if not well before, Auburn Hills w
  15. History suggests that Chrysler did all the design work except for the interior. The car was well underway years before involving Maserati. Chrysler had intended the TC to lead a new design theme followed by the LeBaron, as can be seen in the similar looks. Maserati contributed the all leather interior and arranged some parts supply (ABS braking, gas struts/shocks, body panels/trim, etc.) they did design the DOHC head for the Chrysler block. In fact involving Maserati so late in the development caused most of the delays in getting the car to market and confusion with marketing. There where a co
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