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  1. I saw this posted a while back and the first thing I thought of was....F.R.A.U.D. Can't remember the price, but it was REALLY AFFORDABLE, as in a bit TOO AFFORDABLE. =)
  2. I'm always a bit skeptical when no phone number is listed and the pictures are blurry. This has potential Fraud written all over it. Buyer Beware!
  3. The sound of my exhaust is the only music that I listen to
  4. I actually took the top of a spray paint can (fits perfectly over it) and turn counter clockwise. Presto! Thanks to RivNut for that little gem of a trick!
  5. @ itsggg I used a 2 1/16" Auto Meter Tach. With a little cutting of the original clock bezel (purists can now shudder...) and a little filing on the hole, it fit great!
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    From the album: Riv Pics

  8. I have 2 Classic Instrument Gauges (All American Series) installed below the dash for Oil Pres/Water Temp. They actually have a similar style look as stock. Classic Instuments quoted me $500 each for custom ones to match the factory Speedo. Needless to say, I saved my $$ and bought the All American Series on Summit for less than $75 each. I am getting ready to put a Tach where my factory clock is located. I am currently going to use a cheap Auto Meter tach until I get the right fit, then make another call to Classic Instruments to get a quote on what something like that would be to fab.. (guessing not cheap) I'll post some pics once I get it installed
  9. Even though i drive my 1964 riviera every day, the furthest i had ever driven was a round trip of 250 milles. Yesterday i traveled to the Good-Guys show in Lincoln, NE which was a 500 mile roundtrip. Needless to say, the old gal performed flawlessly. I only saw 1 riviera (1963) at the show and was reminded of how unique these cars are. Will try and post some pics of the car that was at the show as it was a custom with a small block chevy and 20" wheels. All of the work was done by the owner who drives it to every car show regardless of distance! I had approximately 50 people comment om my car during the journey and most were suprised it was my daily driver. I reminded each one that when Buick produced these cars they were MEANT to be driven everyday! So get out there and drive your Buick!
  10. I lowered mine 3" in the front and 2" in the back with just the shortened springs + new shocks. No problems at all!
  11. Just checking...is this a "Rain or Shine" event =) 80% chance of rain predicted for Saturday in KC/Buckner area. I drive my Riviera everyday, so a little h2o doesn't hurt it. =)
  12. Looks good! I ordered their 80/20 Carpet Set, which gets installed on the 29th. The carpet is supposed to include enough to do the bottom piece of each door panel as well as the kick panels. We'll see
  13. Darren I thought i had an extra set, but apparently not.*Sorry.
  14. Let me check and see what i have and I'll let you know tonight
  15. I'm still in! Of course, EVERYDAY is a car show for me
  16. Ed, please post some pics as I ordered my dual diaphragm vacuum control last week =)
  17. sounds like potential Craigslist Fraud to me. Buyers be careful!
  18. SURE....when you're NOT looking for one, they are EVERYWHERE for sale!
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