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  1. Hi Donn, Many thanks for your offer - I think I have one now, but if there's a problem I'll be in touch thanks. Out of interest, do you stock any parts to suit the big 331 cu in straight six truck engine? RJ
  2. Hi all, I think I'm sorted now for the fan, if there's a problem I'll update the thread. I'm taking the radiator over to a specialist tomorrow to assess the work required (a new core) so hopefully things will start going back together in the not-too-distant future. Thanks to everyone who's offered to have a look for a fan, it is much appreciated!!!! RJ
  3. PS looking closer, I think the shaft has bent down slightly too ... RJ
  4. Hi, tip to tip it's 17 inches in diameter (bearing in mind it's a little mangled at the ends!!!) thanks, RJ
  5. Thanks all, I'll take measurements tomorrow and get back to you. RJ
  6. Hi all, I had a fan blade fly off while driving along today, that one impaled itself into the side of the rad frame (fatigue?), while the others must have shaken around and mashed themselves into the rad itself Consequently the rad will need re-coring, and I need to find another fan assembly ASAP (I'm hoping to be out on our local New Year's Day run). I'll need to buy another fan belt too, although I seem to remember seeing them listed with the place I bought parts from last year. Has anyone a spare fan assy that they'd be willing to post over????? The photo below shows how things ended up, although prior to the picture I bent the three attached blades back out of the core, to have a look at it more closely. thanks, Richard
  7. Hi all, A friend of mine has his pickup's back axle in pieces. The crownwheel and pinion are badly worn, so he's after a replacement. Either a new crownwheel and pinion, or else a complete diff with a good cw&p. The truck is a civilian 1/2 ton WC pickup, 1947. He did buy a NOS cw&p from the US, but curiously it doesn't fit so may have been misdescribed. thanks RJ (UK)
  8. Hi all, I'm looking to replace the original type of gas tank sender units as were originally fitted to my '40 truck (two tanks). We tried single contact senders (I think they came from a Jeep spares shop) but, as I half expected, they didn't work with my gauge. So what I need is one, or ideally two, tank sender units correct for a '40 truck - two connections on the sender, standard five hole mounting. I assume that they are the same as those fitted to 1940 1/2 ton civilian pickups etc, just with a different length rod to suit my larger tank(s) - is this right? Can anyone recommend a supplier? Are reproduction senders any good? Thanks, Richard.
  9. Hi all, I'm convinced that my gearbox is getting noisier, what I'd like to do is source another, get it overhauled, then swap it into the car. Does anyone know of a box for sale in the UK? thanks, RJ
  10. Good stuff, just reading up about AAs so have applied to join thanks, Richard
  11. Hi Ray, Only just catching up with the forum. The California Connection car looks ok, AFAIK the US cars switched to coil ignition long before the export ones were swapped over from mag to coil. Overall I prefer the car in your second link, a lot more proven if the description is anything to go by. RJ
  12. Hi Ray, Funny you should mention that car, it's still for sale with the same company I bought mine from. I had a look at both Dodges (plus other marques) before picking mine. The blue colour didn't suit me either, and it needed TLC as the video mentions, the rear springs are a little on the flat side too. Prior to viewing both cars I received a DVD of the car I bought being tested in a similar manner, although it too was improvised it did give a useful insight into the car. As far as I can see, the manifold is the same as my own car's. I'm sure if anyone wanted to take the blue car on, they'd be willing to haggle If I was looking for another Dodge, I'd save up a bit more and buy this one instead http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C332813, the reference to its hill climbing abilities is of interest to me as that's where mine has been lacking somewhat. RJ
  13. Thanks for that, this'll give me something to work with rgds, RJ
  14. Hi all, Took mine to the local VSCC meet today, quite damp but a good turnout nonetheless. Interestingly a slightly earlier tourer also made an appearance, I've uploaded my photos of the meeting to http://www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/forum/phpbb/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=111998#111998 if you're interested. rgds, RJ.