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  1. I did get a bill of sale from the seller however he and I thought the were 22s. The guy was real good to deal with. Im sure he would mail me a new bill of sale if needed. He had two other 4 cycle engines but the didnt match my frame. Thank you for the help.
  2. I got the car from Oklahoma, and I called my local DMV when I bought the car. They told me that Oklahoma was a state that had to have a title to sell the car. No if and's or but's about it. So the thought popped in to my head, Mechanics lean. So I just need to get some info to get the ball rolling and wasnt sure on the build year. This helps alot thank you.
  3. Hello, After waiting for the last 10 years I finally bought a DB car. Got it off ebay last month and picked it up yesterday. I bought two coupe bodys and one frame. The body that has the frame sat in a creeck on the driver side for about 40 years and the other body some one has taken a sawzal and cutting torch to it. Between the both I can make a solid car. Here is the problem the cars have no title, toe boards are also gone. The only thing I have as in a serial number that I can find is 898-054. Both cars were three window tops so im thinking the frame is a 1923. Can someone help me figure ou
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