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  1. Ok, maybe one of these hot water passages is always open so warmed up the car, the iddle is too rich. I've found the manual on Ebay, thanks!
  2. Thanks! the car now has new fuel, so I think this is not the problem. I just want to know all carburetors-elements and its function. There are some items with electric cables that I don't know what they really do, and maybe that's the cause.
  3. Hello, This is my first post. I have a friend who owns a really beautiful 1953 Chrysler New Yorker, it's restored but stopped for some years, and now we are refreshing it. I'm from the Canary Islands, from Spain, it's a little far from this Chrysler home but thanks to internet now this is not a problem. The issue that we're having we think it comes from the carburetor. It's a Carter WCD 935S. First the car failed to start when cold, and then it needed a long time warm-up procces before accelerating or run with it, because it stoped. I've checked the choke and now it runs cold good, with a exem
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