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  1. Here is another 12 pictures. Hope it doesn't get boring. Just click on the first picture and all will be available enlarged. Thanx, Broomer
  2. I finally have time to post some pics of the Riviera. I explained what it was in my post titled "65 Riviera, what to do?"I got it cleaned up and redid the whole brake system, I was able to drive it around amd found the clamshells work great as does the power antenna, even the clock works without even touching it. Anyway I will have it at Lexington and hope to sell it there. If not it will go on ebay. It has 38,000 original miles and is a complete "survivor" I am now going to attempt to post some pictures of it.
  3. Hi Rob, Sorry about the pictures. My wife just went unexpectedly for heart surgery and I have been running around trying to keep every thing in order and now the bad carrier bearing happened. I honestly don't know the price for my Riviera. I am going to let the experts at Lexington tell me. I just read that you wouldn't be able to attend and I am sorry I won't have the opportunity to meet you. Broomer
  4. Thanx Ed, I really appreciate your quick input, cause I'm almost Panicked! Broomer
  5. I have a silly question but I will ask it anyway. Is the meet at the hotel grounds or at a park nearby? From a previous thread you can see that I may have to have my Rivi flatbedded to the meet and I wanted to know where to have them drop the car off, at the hotel or elsewhere? Thanx, Broomer
  6. I,ve been driving my '65 Riviera enjoying it until the trip to Lexington where I hope to sell it. Anyway I was driving around town this morning and started to hear a rapping on the floor boards. Put it up on the hoist and found a worn carrier bearing for the drive shaft. Does any one know if these are readily available and if so where? I've been looking forward to driving the Rivi down to Lexington but if I can't find a replacement bearing I will have to flat bed it down. Any help in locating one is greatly appreciated.! Broomer
  7. Hi Andrew, Yes it is the deluxe lite blue fabric just like yours. The interior is 99.9% excellent. I've been driving it around enjoying it before the Lexington meet and now I have this rapping on the floor boards. Turns out the carrier bearing on the drive shaft needs replaced. I think I will start another topic to see if anyone knows if these are readily available or not. Broomer
  8. OK Mitch: I'm not sure exactly what you are saying. Are you upset because the GS is finally coming into it's own and being recognized as the unique super car that it is? The more I work on this car the harder it is to think about selling it. This make and model has been overlooked for a long time and now that it is becoming more desirable every day I am truly stoked. I never realized how respected the "nail head" is in performance circles. Still learning every day! Broomer
  9. Hi Jason, We will be arriving Monday evening. I am taking the Columbus-Cincinnatti route. I had mentioned that the original spare has not been out of the trunk. I noticed that the wheel has a #88 written in crayon on the gray paint of the wheel. Does anyone know if this designates anything or was just someone playing with crayons? Broomer
  10. Hi Rob, I will have pictures up in a couple of days. The body color is lite blue with deluxe interior in fabric and also blue. Broomer
  11. I am really looking forward to attending the Lexington meet next week. The Riviera is cleaned up and ready to sell. I had to replace brake lines and rebuild all the wheel cylinders but they came out good. It looks good as a survivor but the paint is rough. The interior is like new. If any one wants to know what an ORIGINAL GS looks like, you are welcome to take pictures of any part you care to document. What surprised me is when I gave attention to the trunk. It has the original tan material on the trunk floor and the spare tire cover. The cardboard sides are excellent. But what really surprised me is the original spare tire and wheel have never been on the ground and the original spare (triple white wall) still has the **** on the tire edges and holds air. The chrome on the wheels is rough enough that they should be rechromed in my opinion. Oh ya, I also replaced one hi-beam and one turn signal bulb and the flasher. I had the car inspected in PA. so that it is for sure road worthy, but I didn't register the car so it has it's original title so if some one buys it they will actually be the second owner titleing from the original owner. If it doesn't sell in Lexington, I will bring it home and put it on ebay. Anyway I am really looking forward to meeting some of you at the meet and so I can see what a completely rebuilt Riviera looks like. Broomer
  12. Just an interesting note; You couldn't buy air conditioning in any high performance Chevy in those years ('65-70) not even Corvette and nobody complained. Too much weight and power robbing accessory. Broomer