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  1. I'm 67 yr's old. Rivi is a '65 baby Grand Sport, 38,000 mile survivor.
  2. Hi All, I'm Jim and now a Buick owner. I'm an old retired guy from a little town north of Pittsburgh PA. A week ago I came across a '65 Buick that has set since 1990. I knew the car from years ago when I raced at the drag strip in my 66 427 vette. I always admired this big Buick that was running consistent 13.60's in D stock automatic. Charlie bought it brand new because he was sure that a Buick could run with the best and he was right. After a couple of years he got married and had kids so drag racing went on the back burner. He would drive it in the summer with his wife and kids in tow. He f
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