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  1. Hi. We have taken the car down the frame, rebuilt the engine and are down to the last few items to get it running for the first time in 46 years. I'm looking for information on an updraft carb that will fit a 31 century s. The one that came with the car is a carter, but doesn't fit the manifold exactly so I'm sure the original was replaced with whatever they could find at some point. Also, where to find one. Thanks for your help. David
  2. Hi. The work on my 30 Century S continues. This was a frame off restoration and We almost have the body back together, but are having issues with door alignment as you can see in the pictures. We have had the doors and center post on and off a number of times trying to figure out where the issues are and this is the closest we have come to correct alignment. The top of the doors look to be about right, but the bottom has a wider gap that we can't seem to take out. Can someone offer suggestions for final alignment? thanks david
  3. Hi Everyone. Attached is the amp/oil pressure gauge for my Hupp. My question is can you open this assembly so I can add an amp gauge and if so can someone give me a little direction? I didn't want to mess with it and accidentally break it. Thanks, david
  4. Bill, thank you so much for all the information. I think this will give the machinist a good idea of what to do. David
  5. Hi Bill, The sprocket that goes with this, is connected to the windshield frame and seems to be in good shape. I didn't realize that there were different configurations of this. I bought the crank off ebay from someone parting out a 29 Hupp. As far as I can tell, the crank is in good shape and not broken. I look forward to seeing your pictures. I do have a local machinist that thinks he can make the needed parts if he can see what it looks like. Thanks for your help. david
  6. Hi Hupp Friends, As we progress with the Century S restore, I have found another part that I need assistance with. As you can see from the attached picture, the housing that holds the crank assembly is broken and parts are missing. Would anyone either have the housing that they would like to sell or be able to take some pictures that I can use to have one made? Thanks for your help. david
  7. Thank you for the response. Yes. We did a complete rebuild and re-Babbitt. We hope to test the engine in the next few weeks.
  8. Hi Everyone, i have a question about what oil to use in my newly rebuild 1930 Century 6 engine. I have the stats on how much oil the engine takes, but can't find anything on which "type" of oil. Can someone give me a little insight? thanks, David
  9. Yes, I am a member of the Hupp club, but thought I would also ask others on the forum since these gauges were used on other cars as well.
  10. Hello Everyone. Continuing the restoration of my 31 Century S. It's going well, but have run into a few issues. We have the body back on the frame and are beginning wiring and woodwork. I found that my existing gas gauge has a broken needle and that we don't have an amp gauge. These are white faced gauges, as seen in the picture. Does anyone know where I can find a replacements for these? Thanks, David
  11. Thanks for the info. I will check them out.
  12. Hi, I am restoring a 1931 Hupp Century 6 with Monroe Lever type shocks and am looking for replacement straps. Can someone point me in the right direction to get the ready made straps or the material to make them? thanks, David
  13. Hi. Im sorry but, I really couldn't tell for sure from the drawings if it will work for my car. It sounds like you are still working on it. I will watch the message thread for your progress and when you get it dialed in and are happy with it, would you please post a picture? Thanks, david
  14. Hi. I just saw your message thread and was interested as I am restoring a 31 century s and need to replace my weatherstripping as well. How is your project going and do you think it will fit my car?
  15. Hi Everyone. Continuing work on my 30 Century S restoration and have a question about the thin strips that nail on the roof around the edge and around the soft part of roof. It looks like they are a 2 inch wide strip of metal that was folded on itself after it was nailed in place. My question is how to unfold it to replace the nails without making it look like I opened it with a old fashioned can opener? I would appreciate suggestions from you guys that have experience with this. Thanks. david
  16. Thank you for the information. That's what I figured I needed to do. Im putting a lot of time and money in the car and sure dont want to shortcut at this stage. About an hour after I entered my last post, I received a reply from Bob with Sid's correct address. I have since sent him a message. Thanks again and have a nice rest of your day. david
  17. Hi. Im rebuilding the engine in my Century 6 S Hup. I have a question about the oil filter that came on the car. The canister has the inlet tube on top and outlet tube connection on the bottom. The canister is maybe 7-8 inches tall and 6 inches across. I'm sure that its full of gunk and wanted to clean it out. It looks like the top is soldered on but I didn't want to force it until I talked with someone. I would like to restore the car with an original type filter. Can someone tell me either how to open/clean my existing filter or where to find a replacement? Or should I just upgrade to a modern type filter? Thanks david
  18. Hi. Thanks for responding. I signed up for the Hup Club back in August and received the envelope with contact data etc. I tried contacting the 1930 Century S expert, but the email was returned saying the address was not in service. ( I double checked the address) I then tried to contact the President of the club to see how to or who to contact. As yet, i have not received a response. I was excited when I found the club, but so far, it doesn't look like it's going to be too helpful if I can't get anyone to respond. david
  19. Hi Hup Friends. While working on the restoration of my 30 Century S, we discovered problems with the radiator. Two or three of the flues have bad leaks and will need to be repaired. The local radiator guy is saying he will need to ship it from Alabama to Maine to be fixed and the cost for the repair, made me sit down. Does anyone either have a radiator they would be willing to sell, know if there are other cars with radiators that would fit, or know a reasonable repair shop hopefully closer to me? I appreciate your thoughts. regards, David
  20. Hi. I see that it has been a while since you posted this, but I am new to Hupps and the site and am in need of a 30-31 windshield crank and gear. Any chance you still have it? thanks dvernon372 dvernon372@charter.net
  21. Thanks again. I sent an email to the hup club about a week ago as instructed on the website to get the mid year dues amount , so I can send in my application, but haven't heard back yet.
  22. Just what I needed. Thank you very much. We will be putting the engine back together soon and I wanted to be ready. Have a nice day. david
  23. Hi. Does anyone have the orginal paint code for the engine in a 31' century 6? I believe the correct color is a light green/turquoise? thanks. David
  24. Neat idea. I'm not having any luck finding one so I think I will have to have one made. Thanks for your suggestion.
  25. Hi. I am new to the forum, but so far I think it's great. So much information. I have a 31 century s with a straight 6. Overall, the car is in good shape. We are doing a frame up restoration because the car has been sitting for about 40 years and some of the wood needs replacing. When we started rebuilding the engine, we noticed that the rear main oil seal housing is broken. Does anyone have or know where I can find a replacement? Thanks. David Hi, everyone. Update. I was able to glue the broken part together and found a machine shop that says its able to make a new part for me. I'll let you know how it goes.
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