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  1. Thanks William and to everyone who emailed me with questions/comments the car has been sold to Gas Monkey Garage. Thanks again these forums are geat.
  2. Reposting this vehicle for sale as last buyer flaked out. I have a 1955 Desoto that was in the barn of a farm property I purchased from elderly lady. In the last few days I pulled the vehicle out of the barn and gently rinsed it off, tires hold air for a few days. This car is in great shape for a start to a rebuild. I am asking $4500 OBO but I am needing this vehicle gone soon as I dont want to leave it out in the elements to long and not to keen on pulling it back into the barn. BRING ALL REASONABLE OFFERS AND THE QUICKER YOU CANPICKUP THE MORE I AM WILLING TO NEGOTIATE. thanks!
  3. UPDATE: After 4 weeks of promising his transporter was doing trying to line up a few more items to transport on the way to pick up my vehicle for him...the buyer fell through. So I will be reposting this vehile for sale againwith updated "out of the barn" photos.
  4. No rust, except for a few little specks on the rear driver quarter panel. I have until sunday to take him up his offer? It doesnt run and i do not have keys and the elderly woman whom i bought the place from said she misplaced the title quite a few years back when her husband passed.. Unless i get another offer over the 3800 by then i suspect i will just go ahead and sell it to him.
  5. What would be an acceptable offer on this car? I was offered a little north of $3k. Is that fair offer to take? Not a car collector just looking to get it out of the barn for a fair price. Thanks!
  6. Bought old farm just north of Kansas City and Desoto was in the barn. I am interested in any who may have more info on this vehicle and also willing to sell to first reasonable offer. Has motor in it but not sure status of the motor, also body is in excellent shape with very little rust. Look forward to some insight on this vehicle. Have a great day!
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